Lavender Town (Pokémon R/B/Y)

Uploaded on May 24, 2012

Title: Lavender Town (Pokemon R/B/Y)
Genre: Video Gaming
Composer: Junichi Masuda
Arranger: Aamir Harris-Crokett

Video game pokemon yellow blue Red town aamir lavender town lavender

Pages 1
Duration 1:28
Measures 24
Key signature natural
Parts 1
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License None (All rights reserved)
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wat the heck is this? i never saw a tune in pokemon! :LLL
why does it have 54000 views? XD its only a page long! I've seen music thats 1000
measures long and wasn't even close to 10000 views :O

You arranged this wrong. In the left hand it supposed to be EG G DE E before it goes EG G DF# F#.
I'm not sure about the transition in between those two (you used EG F# E B while I learned it as CG F# E B).

If you're worried about the disco nance, the really nasty part is supposed to go in the right hand. And I'm pretty sure you can't play all of it at once n a piano at least.
The really disco nat unplayable part I'm talking about starts at :30
At :35 there's a four note that could fit in the left hand. I think it goes E G F# B. Nice transition. And then I'm not sure, it repeats in a diff octave? There is a lot going on at 30-40 in that song

You know what, stuff that last comment. It's the best arrangement I've seen on any instrument. Great work.

Honestly, this is the only decent arrangement of this song I've seen for piano. It holds the sinister feel, the fluidity between notes, and the beautiful yet haunting ambiance. Good work!

W-woow, this arrangement is made perfect! Everything is placed as in the original 8-bit scores!

Yup I was pretty surprised/happy that I got to 6,000+ views. Thanks everyone! More Pokémon arrangements to come!

This song always gave me the creeps whenever I played the game... I remember whenever I'd reach this town I'd either fly around it or cycle through really fast... or just turn off the sound :P