At the Speed of Light (My Greatest Score of All Time)

Uploaded on Sep 2, 2015

YAY A new score!!! :D

Pages 10
Duration 04:09
Measures 168
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 2
Part names Piano(2)
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License None (All rights reserved)
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90% of comments are about Geometry Dash, and I don't have a clue what it is...
It's a tapper game on the app store or on Steam. On this game, players can make and share their own levels. This song goes along to what was the hardest level in the game for a very long time; Bloodbath. It is no longer the hardest level, but is still extremely difficult. The first player to beat this level, Riot, verified it life on stream. He quit Geometry Dash some time ago, and for some reason his channel got terminated.
Definitely! It's a fun game, and one of my favorites. And it's only two dollars I think.
Thanks so much! I'm in love with it! Thanks so damn much for telling me to play it!
I love this song and you just made it better!
this is just..... intense... O . O
#HarderThanCataclysm btw i think im gonna learn this itll take about 6 months but i could do it since ive been playing on piano for 7 or 8 years now i also play gd so i guess this is a goos combo lmao
its from bloodbath bloodlust and cataclysm (all extreme demons on geometry dash
After about 2 months of practice and trying, I figured out how to play this song. When your music teacher tells you to practice, LISTEN TO THEM! THEY ARE RIGHT!
Wow! This is good! I tried it, and it is about the same as learning Beethoven Moonlight Sonata Movement 3
Play it at 150 percent so it’s actually the speed of light
Yes, it is from Bloodlust, but the song is called at the speed of light.
yA BOI I got 1% on that level XD This is one of my favorite songs
Bloodlust is the middle and end, cataclysm is the beginning, and bloodbath is just the middle.
Cataclysm is the first part, bloodbath is the middle, and aftermath is the end. Bloodlust is just the whole song
Wasn’t your greatest score of all time Ludicrous Speed?
I'm speechless of how good this is and my hands fell off
Love this song. One of my top 5 favourite songs
uhhhh, this is hard, even when im grade 7, crap, why did i print this
Dude, I'm in seventh grade and I played this in a duet that I had a month and a half to prepare. Don't underestimate yourself.
Thank you very much, I downloaded this to play for my son who absolutely adores this song. I like it too, it's almost baroque!
Hey! I love this song. I know you've been working on it a long time, And Such is transcribing Dimrain47. I have two questions for you: 1) Is it worth me transcribing too, or not because you've already done it?, and 2) can you please check out my YouTube channel? I put my musescores on there and it includes songs like Operation evolution, Forsaken neon, Revolutions, and more and I would really appreciate it if I could get a professional opinion on how I'm doing.