Electroman Adventures

Uploaded on Feb 18, 2015

My first project!!!! Level 13 of geometry dash

geometry dash

Pages 3
Duration 01:34
Measures 67
Key signature 5 sharps
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Easiest “Insane” level, but best soundtrack of the few that there are.
I like how I beat deadlocked before stereo madness
Lol beat it first try then thought "hey, the soundtrack was pretty good, why not download it?"
first i did two at the same time then 3 then4 and so on
I don't make it far but I love to listen to this on YT good job though.
can't beat electroman adventures yet can get 52% on impulse (mrcheesetigrr)
Can You make The Flawless Wings Of Yatagarasu?
maybe at measure 10 on teh first treble note you could put a grace no from A or something
This was amazing it sounds like the actual thing. Can you make Fingerdash?
YUSSS!! Beat the level!, (and finger dash, theory of everything, xstep) on same day :OOO
is suck at gd cant beat this level (yet has 32% allegiance)
I can imagine myself playing the level while I listen to this :D
WFT!!!!!!! GREAT JOB!!!! :-3
Well, a lot of octaves for the left hand. May be harder to play.

But good music
i also beat this before i beat clutterfunk
I beat with three coins was my favorite level
This is one of my favorite songs. Arcade sounding. Well done. Noice.
My mom likes it so much as well
try this in any NES .sf2 file, and i swear it will sound real.
most of them are questions or so many views comments.
whats the bpm? (beats per minute)
when its blank its usually around a normal speed
The tempo I think is (Half Note)♭= 84.5 or ♩= 169
Great! I'me pretty sure it's in a minor, though. There are some wrong notes, and I think too many fortissitissitissitissimos, but it's good.