Uploaded on Oct 13, 2015

Pages 7
Duration 03:46
Measures 96
Key signature 1 sharp
Parts 2
Part names Piano(2)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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the base line is supposed to be syncopated, but good
great but what is that thing on the 2nd line? So legit...
or that you made thefatrat. do you understand deutsch? didn't think so
frank 123 you cant get away with saying that you made this song
So bad arrangement, this is in C minor, not sure why u have an F# key signature.
I was the one who made up the song
Did you update this? it sounds a lot better than the last time I heard it!
i like alan walker and the fat rat so i like this
I thought this song was only used for agario when that was a thing :)
I think that the left hand from measure 25-40 should be an octave lower
HA i downloaded it, and i can play it perfectly now ! thx
Is there a simple version? I'm quite dumb...
besht shong ive eva herd (maybe)
(I mispelled on perpose)
Yes! One of my all-time favorite Newgrounds/Geometry Dash songs ever!
It didn't originate from Newgrounds/Geometry Dash. It's actually just a song from TheFatRat, who allowed the game to use it
Yes, I know. But it's still very popular on Newgrounds and Geometry Dash.

maybe I'm dumb, but does this have anything to do with Geo? Don't mean anything by this, just a question.
sometimes Geo has certain community with custom sound/songs.
I have always thought that this was a pretty song and now hearing it like this makes it more pretty for me! <3
Can i use this sheet music? but i can give you credit...
Although da original is better cuz ya know. it's the original. But this is FREALLY REALLY GOOD. like meh spelin? lel
mai spelin iz mach beder cuz i smaret bat urz iz gud tu
This Is Amazing! It would sound better if there was more bass in some parts though.
Can you make a duet for Alto Saxophones? Please and Thank You!☺☺☺☺
Lol, I think this is actually a piano song that can be played by one person. Honestly, I've seen pieces here that are absolutely insane, so this shouldn't be too hard to play by myself.