Undertale - BATTLE!

Uploaded on Dec 11, 2015


A piece with ALL songs that involve a proper battle instance.
>PLEASE READ<: Undertale Boss Run was a fun project I started a few weeks ago. However, it was very unorganized and unnecessarily hard to play. So I am going to COMPLETELY REVISE EVERYTHING from scratch while adding new songs at the same time .

FOR THOSE WHO WANT THE OLD 'BOSS RUN THE DOWNLOAD IS HERE : http://www.mediafire.com/download/q981m1r8knw6c6w/Undertale_-_Boss_Run.mscz
Herreee we go.

NEW REWORK (BATTLE!)--------------------------------------------------------

8/02/16: Completed 'Anticipation' and 'Enemy Approaching'
11/02/16: Completed 'Ghost Battle' and 'Heartache'
15/02/16: Completed 'Dummy!'
16/02/16: Completed 'Spear of Justice'
17/02/16: Completed 'Battle against a True Hero'
20/02/16: Completed 'Spider Dance'
21/02/16: Completed 'Metal Crusher'
27/02/16: Completed 'Death by Glamour'
13/03/16: Completed 'Asgore + Bergentrückung'
16/04/16: Few changes so that a piece flows into another without being abrupt for those who only want to listen
03/05/16: Cleaned up music further, completed Megalovania and Your Best Nightmare
05/26/16: fixed repeating bug
06/18/16: Added Finale
07/17/16: Finished

OLD (Boss Run)---------------------------------------------------------------

It took me 3 weeks and I had a great time creating this piece :) However, i''m not done yet. There are still a few things I need to fix but I won't be updating it as often since I have other projects in mind. Thanks for everyone's support and feedback towards 'Undertale Boss Run' and I hope you enjoy this piece.

11/12/15: Started Heartache
12/12/15: Finished Heartache and Nyeh Heh Heh! + Bonetrousle
13/12/15: Started Spear of Justice
14/12/15: Finished Spear of Justice (oops dummy is supposed to be first)
15/12/15: meh
16/12/15: Finished Dummy! (this took forever) and cleaned up the piece a bit
17/12/15: Finished Battle against a True Hero
18/12/15: Started (and finished) Spider Dance
19/12/15: Started Death by Glamour
20/12/15: Finished Death by Glamour (fun piece)
21/12/15: meh
22/12/15: Started ASGORE
23/12/15: MEH
24/12/15: Finished ASGORE
25/12/15: eh
26/12, 27/12: nothing
28/12/15: Finished Your Best Nightmare
29/12/15: Started Finale
30/12/15: Finished Finale
31/12, 1/01, 2/01, 3/01: Break
4/01/16: Started Megalovania
5/01/16: Finished Megalovania and Hopes and Dreams
6/01/16: Finished Save the World and completed the piece.

Please consider following so you can see the updates (About once every day)
Thanks :)

Anticipation Enemy Approaching Ghost Fight Heartache Nyeh Heh Heh! Bonetrousle Dummy! Spear of Justice Battle Against a True Hero Metal Crusher Death by Glamour Spider Dance Bergentruckung ASGORE Your Best Nightmare Finale Amalgam Megalovania Hopes and

Pages 72
Duration 35:28
Measures 1111
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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do stronger monsters or whatever its called
When you realise what's on page 39:
When "Heartache" started, I almost started crying!
My dog was in the room when spear of justice started and he freaked out
Actually yes this is possible to play on piano, but you probably will get tendinitis afterward due to the length of the song tho.
done i played it all at once and my hands only hurt during the 16th note octaves in the left hand
WOW, GOOD JOB MAN, I'M IMPRESSED. Even though i don't know you.
This score is still by far the best arrangement I've seen.
measure 30 enemy approaching, that moment inspired me to do everything
Awesome! Just one thing - isn't Heartache in 6/8 rather than 3/4?
yah you're right, every 6th note is accented with a cymbal in the original song. but I chose 3/4 because it was easier on the eyes and counting I guess lol
Bonetrousle reminds me more of like a polka than a ragtime. This is amazing though!
Ahhh ok but do u have one on musescore? i can't download it
You, my sir, are our king. (Or queen)
o.o BOI. Some of the best 1111 measures and 35 minutes 28 seconds of my life.
Just so you know, you missed the boss fight with sans in the gennocide route which I don't remember the name for.
Oh wait, It was called "Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans"
Its actually megalovania song that might play when you fight sans is an easter eggs song in the soundtrack album thing or whatever
May i suggest removing some of the grace notes from enemy approaching. They kinda mess up the flow of the song. Other than than that this is an extremely well done medley with a lot of well done arrangements, I can't wait to learn all of these.
thanks! But i'm not sure which grace notes you are talking about, can you provide a measure example?
This is a very well-made score! I've "finished" (still kind of sloppy ._.) your Enemy Approaching and now I've started your Finale - both beautiful pieces. Just one thing, though - in the last part of Bonetrousle, use 1st and 2nd endings instead of just a repeat. Again, incredible job with this piece. It's a pleasure to listen to and to play!
Yeah I just can't seem to get my music to look clean. It's too hard to format with musescore :( Thanks for notifying me about Bonetrousle, I listened to the original again and fixed it.
What I meant by the "still kind of sloppy" is my playing (not your music, just so you know). Your music is fine =)
Nicely done with the emphasis on the bass line, in Battle Ver. 1!
Nicely done with the emphasis on the bass line, in Battle Ver. 1!
God... That Finale puts anything I could ever write to shame. It's beautiful!
Wow! That was amazing! Just FYI you missed Burn in Despair
Ya, I didn't put that in because I don't think the battle sequence lasts long enough. But you can find it in my other piece True Pacifist Ending!
You have to be better then JesterMusician... or at least a very close rival xD
Just a question, I'm doing the OST for Undertale, can you tell me how to space out the songs one page each?