Weathering With You Piano Accompaniment (Trailer Theme) | Ai ni Dekiru Koto wa Mada Aru Kai

Uploaded on Jun 28, 2019

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NOTE: This is in the original key of the song, A major, as Radwimps' vocalist sings it. In my performance of it with xMEIYIN we shifted the vocals to C# major to fit her better. Remember you can easily change this by downloading the Musescore file yourself :)

Here's my accompaniment version of the Weathering With You Trailer (Ai ni Dekiru Koto wa Mada Aru Kai)! Aka, based on the original piano track that plays in the trailer, as opposed to a piano solo based on the vocals. This has extended the original theme and added some more power. I performed this with the talented xMEIYIN, as you can see by playing the score. You can the link for that video above!

#AiniDekiruKotowaMadaAruKai, #愛にできることはまだあるかい, #天気の子, Ai ni Dekiru Koto wa Mada Aru Kai


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Composer: The Radwimps
Arranger: Torby Brand
Original music © EMI Records (2019)

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