Goodbye, Windows Classic

Uploaded on Jan 14, 2013

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/tpenguinltg/goodbye-windows-classic
MP3: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/sh/9yykxzcyy63ft87/FwZHKpcXW0/Goodbye%20Windows%20Classic/tPenguinLTG%20-%20Goodbye%2C%20Windows%20Classic.mp3
OGG: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/sh/9yykxzcyy63ft87/piXDvGobMp/Goodbye%20Windows%20Classic/tPenguinLTG%20-%20Goodbye%2C%20Windows%20Classic.ogg
FLAC: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/sh/9yykxzcyy63ft87/yqLzNW-ey6/Goodbye%20Windows%20Classic/tPenguinLTG%20-%20Goodbye%2C%20Windows%20Classic.flac

This was an assignment completed Nov. 2012.
Apart from the names, this is how I submitted it.

The inspiration for this piece came quite interestingly.
I was writing up an email rant about M$ taking out Windows Classic in Win8.
I pressed "Send", and I suddenly came up with a melody and chord structure.
I went to my keyboard to write it down.
I guess some of the best things are made in emotion, aren't they?

After a week or two, some lyrics came to me:
"Goodbye, Windows Classic,
So long my good friend
I've switched to you in all my years
But this is where it ends
"Oh, why, oh Microsoft,
Did you have to let go
In Windows 8 for Modern UI,
I will never know"

Or something like that. It's very rough.

Here's a challenge: can you find all the hidden Windows startup/shutdown sounds?
If I remember correctly, I hid six.
I'll post the answers in a week or two.

Bonus: Listen to it in a better soundfont, complete with "rolls":

Pekky wrote me a complete set of lyrics.
I returned the favour and composed some music for her poem, "I Don't Know":

Funny, I was able to convince her to use Windows Classic for a while by making her a theme, but unfortunately, she switched back to Aero after I gave her the Aero version of the theme.

Full lyrics by Pekky:

Goodbye, Windows Classic,
So long my good friend
I've switched to you in all my years
But this is where it ends

Oh, why, oh Microsoft,
Did you have to let go
In Windows 8 for Modern UI,
I will never know

Goodbye, Windows Classic
You were simple in design
Although some say that you were plain
To me you always to shined

Oh, why, oh Microsoft,
Did you start an 'upgrade'?
I do not need these fancy frames
In fact, I feel betrayed

Goodbye, Windows Classic,
I've always liked your speed
But fast you were, so fast, you left,
Me in desperate need

Oh, why, oh Microsoft,
Did you switch your interface?
It's only optimal for touch screens
I'm tired of Moore's pace

Oh, why, oh Microsoft,
Do I still think of you now?
I should done my angry phase
But I just don't know how

classic band composition minor assignment windows windows classic

Pages 7
Duration 01:20
Measures 33
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 14
Part names
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License Attribution, share alike
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I like it! My solution would be use mac, but not every1 agrees. Lol and good ob!
Most linux UIs (yes there are many) have gone the same route, so linux users are dependent on forks/tweaks, too.

I would name the song "Farewell to the classic user interfaces".
I could, but given all the hidden Windows shutdown sounds, I think I'll keep it at "Goodbye, Windows Classic".
I use LXDE/Openbox with GNOME icons and the Redmond 2009 skin, colours tweaked to match Windows 98 (an abomination, I know).
Redmond 2009: http://box-look.org/content/show.php?content=109595
Good idea. I like your words, you must finish this. I wrote an 'angry' song about the internet once. It was when I dumped Vista and went back to XP. I intend to be on XP for the rest of my life. Very 'stick in the mud' of me, but I don't care.
As much as I like Windows (and tweaking and ranting about it), I prefer to be on Linux.
I have even more reason to believe that Windows Classic is still present in Windows 8, Micro$oft just won't admit it.
I was playing around with a friend's laptop and I got to try out a few things.
If you look hard enough, some of the dialogs still use the Windows Classic visual style.
The Alt-Tab "bug" still works. ( http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-desktop/classic-mode-using-the-alttab-have-to-search-for/ee2e926a-2e1e-4a61-8826-239f69f68733 )

Windows Classic was hard-coded into the shell. Would they really mess around with that?
My hypothesis is that if you make Aero and AeroLite "undiscoverable" by renaming the Aero folder, Windows has to fall back to something, which should be Windows Classic.
Too bad I don't have a Win8 system to play around with.
You made this fit together very well.
Good Job.
Thanks! I guess part of that is its repetitiveness, but part of the assignment was to have the melody play three times, so there was nothing I could have done about that...
I still can't get over how I managed to hide all those Windows sounds...
Windows Vista/7/8 Shutdown
(Never plays in Win8, but it's there)
Windows 95 Shutdown
(also Windows 3.1 startup)
It appears that the title gets blocked by the image...
It doesn't do that on the desktop application.
There really ought to be more sad songs about Windows 8. Great composition, but I suggest putting the lyrics in the actual score. Also I think I may have recognized one or two start-up sounds in the first couple of measures.
Thanks, ianholst.
I didn't put the lyrics in the score because it's very rough; it's just something I came up with, and I need more for the three variations.
And yes, there are some in the first four measures.
The audio of [this] score is currently being generated.
It's almost been an hour, too.
At least there's the audio link I posted in the description
(if anyone wants to make that a videoscore, go ahead!)
EDIT: It's finally finished generating, after an hour!