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So this is the first of a series of pieces I'm writing based around fictional characters that I've created. I'm actually collaborating with my girlfriend on this project; she will be drawing concept art for said characters as I write the pieces.

The idea is that there is a group of adventurers in their late teens. They are set in a fantasy/magical sort of setting. I'm not exactly sure how many characters I'm going to write, but it will most likely be somewhere from four to six.

This one is a girl called Ilia. She is shy to strangers and quiet to her friends, and while she seemingly doesn't express much emotion, she can likely fathom feelings deeper and more intense than any of the others in the group could easily stomach. She went through many hardships as a young girl and because of this has a very motherly, loving tendency towards children. She feels as though she is obligated to protect the life of all creatures, human or otherwise. And while she is not physically the strongest, her ability to withstand suffering is unlike any other.

character series girlfriend drawing concept art emotional violin piano phizrotythe beautiful mustache :3 sad but also kinda happy

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Duration 03:47
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Can i transpose and transcribe this for piano and french horn? This is a truly beautiful piece and i was almost moved to tears. Ive already started, but i just need your permission to post it.
Go for it, man! I'd love to see a video of it if you can get it.
Also, The score will be posted on my youtube channel. Go to this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEkj8TJCqGaOLI26_rcpdsw?view_as=subscriber Eventually, I will either play this on a mellophone or a concert horn. It will be on my youtube channel too.
Here is the score: https://musescore.com/user/29008405/scores/5207291