Prepare for Collision

Uploaded on Mar 5, 2017

This score is being transformed, as I started adding new parts i decided that this will be a three movement song, Realization, Denial vs. Acceptance, and First Impact. The songs theme hasn't changed, it's based off the thoughts that run through your head right when you realize your going to crash, whether your falling out of the sky in a plane, of speeding down a highway with no brakes. The true panic.

Realization is when you first react to the inevitable, so many thoughts running through your head, not knowing what to do! But what can you do!? The rushes throw you back and forth to having a solution but that ultimately failing. Feel the rush and panic of the first movement.

Denial vs. Acceptance is a quick moment when you ask yourself is this really happening? Am I dreaming? This has to be a dream! But listen as you slowly let yourself drift back and forth from reality to what you feel this is. Feel the battle of emotions in the second movement

First Impact is the finale. your about to crash, you feel yourself tense to prevent as much pain as possible. You want it to end, end the suffering, end the overkill of emotions running throughout your body. The suspense is coursing through your nerves, your ready! You've Accepted It! JUST END IT!


Please Comment and enjoy! I'm almost finished with this after hitting a writers block. Also check my other songs to and be on the loom out for the next song! (Hint: Patience).

IMPORTANT SUGGESTION: This song is best listened to with the sound font General User GS v1.442.sf2, here's a link to download it, if anyone could tell me how to implement it onto the website so that you don't have to download it, please tell me!

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Pages 52
Duration 05:49
Measures 241
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 19
Part names Percussion(18), Timpani
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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