Common Ground (1-28-17)

Uploaded on Jan 28, 2017

Key: Dm
Time: 4/4
Style: straight eighths funk-rock (leans more on the funk side)

This piece finally came together after a month of being just a melody on a page after I received a clavinet for Christmas. Having the real thing allowed me to write those groovy, rhythmic clav lines that have been bouncing in my head for eons. And here is the first fruit of that.

Description: I will admit to having fiery political beliefs. Though I do not ascribe to either 'party.' I follow my own moral compass. And this is the first manifesto that I present from that compass.
Common ground is something I think that is shrinking rapidly, in a world where we are becoming more and more polarized in so many ways, and we shout at anyone who doesn't attest to our beliefs as opposed to discussing/reasonably debating our points with theirs. And when we argue, I feel we have the tendency to partially or completely forget, if just for a moment, that the person we are arguing with is another human being, and for all his or her differences from us, there are so many similarities.
We share 99.99% of our DNA with each other. (Though we also share 50% percent of it with bananas). And yet that .001% is all we seem to focus on. And while it is important to note our differences, and celebrate our differences, when we start mobbing and shouting and resorting to violence over them, we begin to lose ourselves as humans, I believe.
That's what this piece addresses. It points out our destructive over-examination of our differences and calls for us to come together on the common ground of what we all share as a human race. This is perhaps one of my deepest core beliefs as a person. That if we can't stand together as humans, we're bound to fall apart.

This arrangement is for a female and male vocalist. The male vocalist does most of the singing, with the female vocalist coming in on a background part during the chorus. In the final chorus, when the music breaks down, the roles are reversed, with the female singing the melody and the male on the background. The instrumentation is Electric Piano, Clavinet, Bass, and Drums.

Common Ground Funk Rock D minor Clavinet

Pages 42
Duration 04:41
Measures 96
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 7
Part names Trumpet, Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Bass, Percussion(2)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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