Attack of the Evil Rubber Duckies

Uploaded on Jan 3, 2015

Attack of the evil Rubber Duckies is a song to be played by a small band, it show the time of the world when the evil rubber duckies will attack. In the end, when you hear the marching of all the people against them, please remember to do that when they try to take over our world.
This song was inspired by a story I imagined one day. The story started on a bus ride and a cow drove into the middle of the road on my friend's tractor. the bus hit the cow and the tractor and flew through the air, ejecting everyone in it. I flew out of the bus and just so happened to be where the bus would land. It came down and I laid down with my trumpet case beside me. The bus landed on top of my trumpet case and saved me. I scrambled out of under the bus and began to run for help, but as soon as I got up, the cow ran into me and I flew into a store across the street. I landed in a large barrel of Rubber Duckies! They all came to life and grabbed me. They dragged me to the tractor the cow was driving and shoved me in with them. The tractor flew off into space. In the matter of seconds, we landed on the Koknac moon. that is where Evil Rubber Ducks and Evil Tractor-Driving Cows live. While in prison on the moon, I heard of the plan to take over Earth. In a few minutes they tried to take me to the Leader of the Ducks, but I got away and stole one of their Tractors and flew back to Earth, where they were just cleaning up the mess. That night I worried horribly, how could I tell the world of the soon to be attack of the Evil Rubber Duckies? I finally whipped out my computer and wrote a song, at the beginning, it sounds as everyday does, lots of things happening, some louder, some the same, in the middle, it sound as the days when most of the population of Earth will be taken to the Koknac moon to meet the leader and only a few people will be on Earth, but at the end, it sounds as if the people were rebelling and they all had one voice, fighting the Ducks. The very last line is the Evil Rubber Duckies flying away on their tractors.
Hope you enjoy and listen carefully!

Pages 12
Duration 02:16
Measures 61
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 9
Part names Flute, Clarinet(2), Trumpet, Trombone, Tenor Saxophone, Percussion, Piano, Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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