Hikaru Nara (Your Lie in April OP 1)

Uploaded on Jan 26, 2017

Piano sheet music for the first opening of Your Lie in April. I do not own Your Lie in April or any music associated with it (just in case).

Edit: I can't believe how many people have seen this score, liked it, commented with all the wonderful things you've said - thank you all so much. It brings me great joy to see people playing and enjoying this arrangement. Y'all are so great.

anime your lie in april piano

Pages 3
Duration 01:28
Measures 59
Key signature 3 sharps
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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thank you so much!!! i've been wanting to play this piece!!
Thank you author-san! This is brilliant!!!
Elohim, Essaim... Elohim, Essaim, most humbly I implore you to help me play this piece...
This is one of those "True Asian" songs
I love this music! i just started playing piano about 8 months ago and decided to try a harder piece. not only is this the perfect difficulty for that, it just sounds nice.
This brings up a fascinating point, because I've only been playing piano seriously for about a year and stuff like this isn't really difficult to me. I only started learning piano seriously after I started college last year. I think piano is one of those instruments that is learned slowest if it's your first instrument, whereas if you have at least the basic foundations of music already learned when you start playing, like I did (maybe a little more than the basics, considering I'm a trained musician), you can learn it a lot faster. At least, at that point, there's less of a learning curve. I'm majoring in music education and I think about this a lot.
I've been playing for like, 7 years and there is no way i can play this. Props to you if you managed to learn so fast!!
woahhh... dude, i've been playing for almost 7 years, well... i stopped playing for like... 2 years because i was struggling with school, but like... this is STILL difficult for me. The chords are KILLING ME. look at the left hand... ehhh. Maybe it's because I have tiny fingers.
Thank you! I hope you enjoy playing the piano and learning this piece!
im so happy rn T^T my small brain can actually comprehend this one. hallelujah
aah i feel like i'm playing the last chord in the first measure wrong every time :'(
that's weird im not having any problems
Hmm, the only thing that might be confusing about that one is the C#, it's not marked in as an accidental because of the key signature - and make sure both F's are natural. Thanks for your support and choosing to play this!
good sheet music though i like it 10/10

all the versions of hikaru nara was either to easy and not enough to impress, or way to hard for my level and sounds like a piano on drugs when I play it. BUT WOW! This song is a lot more than enough to impress, and not too hard to learn! I have to thank you for making the BEST transcription for others to play on musescore!

Oh gosh, thank you! I tried my best to think about what was possible and easy for other players and it makes me happy to know people have been able to play it and enjoy playing it. Again, thank you!
I love how this piece is not to CRAzY or easy. It could sound really beautiful with dynamics inquired in! (the musescore audio makes this piece sound monotone..) Great job, i'll be sure to get to this!
This is by far the best version of this song on musescore
Wowie guy it's really cool! It's a version just I looked for
Nice, but maybe the left hand could be a bit more than chords (it's in my opinion, and it's okay if this is an easier version) and the left hand could be softer (like I said, my preference). Overall, it was pretty good.
Yeah, I did mean for it to be easier but I know what you mean for more than just chords. As for dynamics, it's ultimately up to the player to decide what kind of interpretation to go with, these are only guidelines.
Thank you!
thanks for making this it is a great help!
Explain how anyone would be able to play the first note for the left hand for measure 19
its the g above the tied c your holding down
Reach down and play it with your right. I should've marked that in, sorry.
It's just the OP part, it's not the full song... Still it's playable than most of the others
I think its kinda cool to have this as the op since its short and sweet! But I guess you have a point. Anyways the song is amazing either way
Nuuu my small hands cant hit those octaves ;-;
Finally! I found a version I can play! Thank you so much! :D
Why is there a rest during the tie in the first measure?
theres no rest in the first measure
its cuz technically theres only 3 and a half notes in the bar cuz musescore doesnt know your holding down the tied quavers
he means the left hand in between the chords its not supposed to be there its just a thing musescore does
I know right lmao
Still a good song tho :D