The Count of Tuscany

Uploaded on Jul 4, 2016

EDIT: 1,000 views! Thank you guys so much! :D
EDIT 2: Also check out the concert band version of this piece made by Ryan, which is based off of this very arrangement! He did a fantastic job with it, and I'm very proud of his work!

Wow, what can I say! This piece is just an absolute monster! I don't know if I even have the skill to arrange this properly, but I gave it a shot, and I think it sounds REALLY well done (at least to me.) This thing took at least 36 HOURS (1 1/2 days) of work to put in, and I enjoyed every second of it!
Anyways, Dream Theater is one of my all time favorite rock bands, because of how much musicality they put into their work with all of these time signatures (both simple and complex) and multiple key signatures! It's just nothing short of amazing of how they always manage to pull off these really long songs that they composed!

Here are some notes you should consider if you want to play this song for your own percussion ensemble.

I recommend having one or two players on each mallet part (Marimbas, Vibes, and Xylophones) and having one player on every other part for balance.
You need at least two 4.3 octave marimbas to play this, (Low A) and they can be shared however you want except for Marimba 2s and 3s. Those two CANNOT share the same marimba, or there WILL be major problems.

You also need a decently good timpani player, as there will be A LOT of tune changes to put in place, you may need a chair to do it properly. This can be played really well with 4 timpani, but if you have 5 timpani, I'd recommend using all 5, because you need less tune changes, and less energy that way.

Finally, there's the almighty drumset. You can have one player play using a professional kit with a lot of parts for the fullest effect. For the cymbals, you need 2 crash cymbals, one ride cymbal, one chinese cymbal, and one splash cymbal, and of course the hi-hat! For the snare, you'd probably need to have an acoustic snare, and a higher pitched snare for better effects! For the toms, you need 5 different pitched toms, (or 7 if you don't want to play on 2 congas with sticks) and either a cowbell, or the highest pitched tom you can find! For the bass kicks, it's optimal to have a double bass set with double pedal kicking on each drum, but if you want to do single, that's perfectly fine as well. If you don't have all of these instruments, don't stress over it much, just use whatever you have, and make the most out of it, but good luck, nonetheless!
If you don't want one player playing all of these instruments, one player can play the cymbals, one player can play the snares, one player can play the toms, and one player can play the basses!

With all of that said, I hope you enjoy my longest (18 1/2 minutes), densest (over 500 measures with probably around 10,000 notes; may be accurate, may be exaggerating), and overall best arrangement that I have ever did!! :D

Dream Theater Count of Tuscany Percussion Ensemble 20 minutes 500 measures Black Clouds and Silver Linings

Pages 93
Duration 18:39
Measures 575
Key signature 5 sharps
Parts 11
Part names Percussion(9), Timpani, Synthesizer
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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