Take Me To Church

Uploaded on May 25, 2017

Pages 14
Duration 03:56
Measures 69
Key signature 1 sharp
Parts 2
Part names Piano(2)
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the song is about a gay couple trying to escape there church which are against gays
i think the song is about a guy about to die
is it bad for a christian to sing/play this. because I like this song and want to play it but my faith is more important to me. please answer.
i don't think its bad its just a song you should play it
If you like it you shall play it.If god has a problem with it he should come to you and tell you about it :D
The lyrics are very bad for all people. ( M.b. only to play ?
Man, you must be kidding. No offence, but believing or not, the church and the priests are one thing, but books like the bible are written to make up your own mind about things and what makes you a good and loving person. The song could be a questioning about being born gay and how some church people are condamning this. I for my opinion would even go further, and see the lyrics to question the often used claim by some priests, that everyone is born in sin, therefore everyone has to worship… For me no one is born in sin, but pure. Devotion is to respect all live and love the creation itself. It means to be foregivful and try to be a good person. Failure is to learn, and so on. Well I know that this board is for sure not the right place t dscuss things like that, but I just had to replay to the post, for I hope you will find the path to your heart. Best wishes to you and everyone out there. I'm an atheist by the way.
the lyrics are not bad for ALL ppl what about the atheists?