John Williams Medley for Brass Quintet

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Multiple pieces by John Williams for 2 trumpet, horn, and 2 trombone. Pieces are from "Superman", "Star Wars", "Jurrasic Park", "E.T.", "Indiana Jones", and the "Olympic Fanfare".

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jediblase1's picture

imperial march should be longer. otherwise it's a great medley. Williams is the best!

troggacom's picture

My only real suggestion would be to improve your transitions. Other than that, it's quite nice.

Sampennell's picture

If anyone wants one of these for another composer, tell me.

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Uploaded Jul 21, 2013
Pages 13
Duration 3:35
Measures 112
Key signature natural
Parts 5
Part names
  • Trumpet (2)
  • French Horn
  • Trombone (2)
License All rights reserved
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