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Morning Dew | UltraHq Audio!! (Live Recording)

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Lets Reach over 31 likes in the first 24 hours!!!
Yes it happened!!! Special thanks to VGA for being the 32nd!! it has beaten my record previously held by OCEANS!!

I now have a new record for the amount of likes in the first 24 hours after uploading!!!!!! 36 LIKES!! (with only 115 views!)

This is a short relaxing original composition piano piece that I put together in around 20 min :D (hence it's length ;P)
and the HQ audio is actually me playing!! :D

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Prelude de Deuil - with LIVE RECORDING

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Flute, Piano
or with two flutes instead of just the one -
The translation is "Prelude of Mourning",

But I hope this touches you, if it does, I have successfully attained the goal of this piece.
(This sounds a lot like different famous classical pieces, so don't judge ;P [Moonlight Sonata, ect...])
You Are Never Alone - LIVE RECORDING

You Are Never Alone - LIVE RECORDING

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so the leadsheet is a WIP but I have the full song recorded
(Yeah I know, I'm not a good singer, but at least you can hear what the song would sound like lol ;P)
And I didn't have where I wanted to breath marked down ;P so there are some weird breath timings lol

So the story is A Dad singing to his precious little girl who is growing up.


Intro -
You are never alone! ( intro x2)

V. 1 -
You were just a baby girl, you had soft golden hair, (you lived without (x2)) a care of this world.

V. 2 -
You were seven years old, mama left this whole world, she left behind some golden times, and her only baby girl.

(leading phrase) -
And she said,

Chorus -
You are never alone! (x2)

Bridge -
The sky lights up with the northern lights, and everywhere you see, there’s a light that shines, a light that shines from sea to sea (bridge x2)

V. 3 -
You were 18 years old, he broke your heart and your soul, he left you there with your hands in your hair, sitting on the front steps.

V. 4 -
You were 24 years old, walking down the church aisle, (he came along (x2)), and took my baby girl.

(leading phrase) -
And you said,

Chorus -
You are never alone! (x2)

Ending -
You’re never alone.