Undertale - Undertale

Uploaded on Jun 29, 2016


Pages 5
Duration 03:31
Measures 75
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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*crys happily while listening*
I am holding back tears. This is so powerful. :)
What? Psshhh I'm totally not crying what are you talking about?!
*sits in a corner and cries*
when i hear this song i realise there is more to life than being a sadist
hey legendary fartmaster!!! hows the void?
Terrible. Can we please a-VOID this subject.
gaster! you're sadist? that's why you made the gaster blaster
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Maybe.......
I love this song a lot even though i cant play the game its still such a good song!!!
Froggit A: A long time ago, a human fell into the RUINS.
Froggit B: Injured by its fall, the human called out for help.

Whimsun A: ASRIEL, the king's son, heard the human's call.
Whimsun B: He brought the human back to the castle.

Moldsmal A: Over time, ASRIEL and the human became like siblings.
Moldsmal B: The King and Queen treated the human child as their own.
Moldsmal C: The underground was full of hope.

Migosp A: Then... One day...
Migosp B: The human became very ill.

Vegetoid A: The sick human had only one request.
Vegetoid B: To see the flowers from their village.
Vegetoid C: But there was nothing we could do.

Loox A: The next day.
Loox B: The next day.
Loox A: ...
Loox B: The human died.

Snowdrake A: ASRIEL, wracked with grief, absorbed the human's SOUL.
Snowdrake B: He transformed into a being with incredible power.

Ice Cap A: With the human SOUL, ASRIEL crossed through the barrier.
Ice Cap B: He carried the human's body into the sunset.
Ice Cap C: Back to the village of the humans.

Woshua A: ASRIEL reached the center of the village.
Woshua B: There, he found a bed of golden flowers.
Woshua C: He carried the human onto it.

Shyren A: Suddenly, screams rang out.
Shyren B: The villagers saw ASRIEL holding the human's body.
Shyren C: They thought that he had killed the child.

Dummy A: The humans attacked him with everything they had.
Dummy B: He was struck with blow after blow.
Dummy C: ASRIEL had the power to destroy them all.

Knight Knight: But...
Madjick: ASRIEL did not fight back.
Knight Knight: Clutching the human...
Madjick: ASRIEL smiled, and walked away.

Final Froggit A: Wounded, ASRIEL stumbled home.
Final Froggit B: He entered the castle and collapsed.
Final Froggit C: His dust spread across the garden.

Whimsalot A: The kingdom fell into despair.
Whimsalot B: The king and queen lost two children in one night.
Whimsalot C: The humans had once again taken everything from us.

Astigmatism A: The king decided it was time to end our suffering.
Astigmatism B: Every human who falls down here will die.
Astigmatism C: With enough souls, we can shatter the barrier forever.

Loox: It's not long now.
Moldsmal: King ASGORE will let us go.
Loox: King ASGORE will give us hope.
Migosp: King ASGORE will save us all.

Pyrope: You should be smiling, too.
Vulkin A: Aren't you excited?
Vulkin B: Aren't you happy?

Froggit: You're going to be free.
Why do you people even like Undertale? THE FANDOM IS DEAD
That is so stupid it is almost funny. If it was dead this wouldn't exist. Games like Minecraft and Final Fantasy which are rarely played anymore don't even have dead fandoms. And why do I like it??? Because it is perhaps one of the most in-depth storylines in gaming there are so many variables it makes games like BOTW seem linear. Kids these days don't know good gaming.
its not dead and its not bad im a living, breathing example of that undertale is my lifeblood and i have never played the game i survived o the fandom alone...

screw you, hater
I'd love to sit around with you all losing my virginity to a fat skeleton, but I have a life.
the fandom is not dead there are only 3 people i know (SOCIAL MEDIA INCLUDED) that dont know/like the game. the storyline is beautiful and the soundtrack is amazing. it has made any fan AUs and the game its self isnt really a game. it is an experience.
YOU CAN'T DO A SINGLE IMAGE SEARCH FOR THIS WITHOUT FINDING PORN! Undertale is over-sexualized in all ways.
news flash: you can like a game with a dead fandom. the game itself really doesn't have to be associated with the fandom at all times. Not to mention, Undertale's fandom isn't DEAD, it's just smaller than it was before, and honestly that's perfectly alright with me.
when you hate it how did ya got here??
If you didnt like why did you comment here

Despite everything, it's still you.
My house is flooded with tears );
ur profile pic only makes that statement better.
If you play it on 150% playback, it kind of sounds out of tune...
This song is so beautiful. Before the key change, it displays a story of sadness and despair. But when the key changes, it's a story of hope, and happiness. Toby Fox is one of the greatest musicians I have ever heard of. It's crazy to think that he is a self-taught musician.
nice! It's hard to find people who do only piano now.
you're right, but there are many people on this website and others like youtube who remix and cover songs. I don't want to say I'm joining a band wagon or anything (although I probably am), I'm just trying to cover one of my favorite songs. thanks for saying something though, I had no idea before this comment, and now I can do all the things necessary to be able to remix it.
U Don't mind if I use it for my recital husky?