Name That Theme: Nintendo Edition!

Uploaded on Sep 24, 2017


1. Village Bridge: Pokemon B&W (Miffed)
2. Pikmin 2: Olimar's Theme (Charles Stiles)
3. Patched Plains (Miffed)
4. ---------------*
5. Gateway Galaxy (Charles Stiles)
6. Toad Town: Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story (Auratron)
7. Oak's Opening Speech: Pokemon RBY (Auratron)
8. Vs. Ridley: Super Metroid (Miffed)
9. City Trial: Kirby Air Ride (Dekkadeci)
10. Hall of Fame: Pokemon (Auratron)
11. The Legend of Zelda: Great Fairy Fountain (Miffed)
12. Town Hall: Animal Crossing City Folk (Auratron)
13. Vs. Deoxys: Pokemon RSE (Miffed)
14. Enter Bowser Jr.: Super Mario Galaxy (Miffed)
15. The Great Sea: Wind Waker (Miffed)
16. End Credits: Super Smash Bros. 64 (Julia Baldwin)
17. Wii Shop Theme (Miffed)
18. Nintendogs Theme (Lil Toadie)
19. Wii Sports Resort Theme (Miffed)
20. Coco Mountain: Mario Kart 64/DS (Auratron)

*Nobody correctly guessed #4 it so it will re-appear in NTT#1, the first competition in the "Name That Theme" group!

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Bro how did no one guess number 4? It's star fox zero lol.
You're a bit late to the party...
#16 is something from one of the smash bros.

#14 is Bowser Junior's Theme in Super Mario Galaxy.
#15 is Sailing in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
#19 is Wii Sports Resort Theme
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i forget what #14 is but i know it's a boss in some mario game, i think new super mario bros wii u. #11 is great fairy fountain from zelda. #15 is great sea from wind waker. #16 is alternative music in smash bros. #20 is the train level from mario kart 64.
nono, #20 is moomoo meadows right? i know it is mario kart 64. I even know the rest of the melody but i can't remember it aaaaaa
It's Coco Mountain, but that, and all the other ones you guessed, have been guessed already (with the exception of #4). However, I would like to let you know that I've started a group that will have more competitions just like these!
Or is number 4 from one of the Mario and Sonic at the olympic games franchise??
Is number 4 from a sonic game??? Coz that's what i immediately think of when i hear it...
Nope (there won't be any songs from Sonic anyway because he's 3rd Party)
okey thats good to know thx. (I KNOW I'VE HEARD IT IT'S GONNA KILL ME!!!!!)
So, this is probably just me, because I have a friend that has written a lot of Over watch stuff, it all sounds like Over watch to me, regardless of what it really is...

Is 4 the Sonic Unleashed Theme? The only good part about that game (except the nighttime battle music that was needlessly jazz but still good)
That's what I thought at first as well!
20 is Choco Mountain Mario Kart 64.
#9 sounds like "City Trial" from Kirby Air Ride, in the wrong key, with a slightly wrong melody at the end.
Welp, I'm closin' up shop for the night. 96 comments in about and hour and a half was pretty crazy......maybe I should start a group and do a weekly "live" Nintendo music quiz or something like what happened tonight! Hmmmmm.........stay tuned!

We still need only two more, by the way.....
Only TWO remain! Can we clear the entire list TONIGHT?!
.......there is a lull.......maybe not.......
Okay so just so I don't confuse myself or anyone else the first one I guessed was 4 being the opening from SSB4 (which is wrong)
12 is the inside the town hall theme from Animal Crossing
14 is the lil theme that goes when you talk to Bowser Jr. in Super Mario Galaxy. Also might be the theme for magikoopa battles, but I forget :p
Also...final guess here...is 18 from Nintendogs (like the bath theme)..?
18 IS the Nintendogs Theme!!!!
(all the others were taken)
Only 4 remain of the first set, people!
first......set......? You mean.....there's gonna be.......more......?
(with a deranged voice) WHY NOT?!?!

Seriously, people eat these competitions up like hotcakes! I gotta keep 'em satisfied with new songs!
are you gonna do an entire new score? Or just make this one longer? Do we get notified when you update it?
I'll do another score "Name That Theme: Nintendo Edition #2"
Oh my god, it really is Nintendogs... I haven't touched that game in forever
Nope. 18 will continue to torture you MWAHAHAHA!
Is it like....from Kirby or something??? Mario?????? Mariokart?????? aGHHHHHHH