Star Wars: The Force Theme (Piano Cover)

Uploaded on Dec 26, 2017

So what did I think of The Last Jedi? Well, it went like this: right after seeing the movie, I loved it, namely because of literally every move Mark Hamill made in the last half-hour of the movie. But all during that night and the next day I remembered all the dumb/awkward/unnecessary/just-plain-stupid moments (of which there are a LOT) and also had the epiphany that, in the grand scheme of the First Order versus the Resistance, nothing actually happened during the movie (the entire movie's plot is just the Resistance trying to quite literally run away from the First Order). This was my greatest fear come to life: Did movie makers actually have no plan for the "new" Star Wars universe post-Force Awakens? (think about it: what new things did we learn about the origins of the two political entities that the entire "new" universe is built upon? NOTHING! Even the prequels at least had a killer plot line that led up to something). This movie gives sort of an edge to the argument that Disney should have never done away with the original, pre-developed Extended Universe because they couldn't come up an equally-developed "new" universe. Then again, we have yet to see what they have in store for Episode IX. But anyway, by Day 2 I managed to convince myself as well as my Dad that The Last Jedi was the second-worse Star Wars movie, beating only The Phantom Menace.

And then I saw the movie a second time. The second time seeing it I was not constantly comparing it to how good Force Awakens and Rouge One were like how I was the first time, so I could focus on the good qualities of the movie (of which there are ALSO a lot). I began to appreciate how they set up in this movie a very intriguing relationship between Rey and Kylo Ren that I'm curious to see more of in IX. The movie's not NEARLY as good as the masterpieces that were Force Awakens and Rouge One, but, all-in-all, it's not THAT bad (*edit* I retract the previous statement: after thinking more about it and rewatching some of the Prequels I realized that it's TOTALLY an awful movie and still ranks as second-worst in the series). They'd better recover from this in IX or Disney's Star Wars Revival is going to go down as a failed experiment IMO (which would stink because I love Disney...)

OK, I'm done now....

....OH YEAH! There's a score here!


BTW, my current ranking is:
1.) Rouge One
2.) The Force Awakens
3.) The Empire Strikes Back
4.) A New Hope
5.) Revenge of the Sith
6.) Return of the Jedi
7.) Attack of the Clones
8.) The Last Jedi
9.) The Phantom Menace

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