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From the depths of the shadows KingGordo makes a comeback, everybody! But not really on Musescore, and it's not really THAT much of a comeback...
You've probably been wondering where I've been all this time. Well, I recently discovered how to record stuff using GarageBand and a MIDI keyboard. So I've transitioned from making stuff using Musescore to using GarageBand and have made a few piano arrangements and remixes. From now on, I will be posting these on my NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL: KINGGORDO PRODUCTIONS. So to all my current followers here, I'd encourage you to SUBSCRIBE! (by the way WHAT THE HECK I HAVE 400+ FOLLOWERS?!?! I haven't even been doing anything!!!)

Here's a link to the channel:

Thanks for the ride everybody! I've had a fun time on Musescore!

The Office: Intro Theme (Piano Cover)

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Anyone who's watched this show will instantly recognize this iconic theme. Definitely try to learn this piece and impress your friends. Remember...
"'You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.'
-Wayne Gretzky"
-Michael Scott

Star Wars: The Force Theme (Piano Cover)

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So what did I think of The Last Jedi? Well, it went like this: right after seeing the movie, I loved it, namely because of literally every move Mark Hamill made in the last half-hour of the movie. But all during that night and the next day I remembered all the dumb/awkward/unnecessary/just-plain-stupid moments (of which there are a LOT) and also had the epiphany that, in the grand scheme of the First Order versus the Resistance, nothing actually happened during the movie (the entire movie's plot is just the Resistance trying to quite literally run away from the First Order). This was my greatest fear come to life: Did movie makers actually have no plan for the "new" Star Wars universe post-Force Awakens? (think about it: what new things did we learn about the origins of the two political entities that the entire "new" universe is built upon? NOTHING! Even the prequels at least had a killer plot line that led up to something). This movie gives sort of an edge to the argument that Disney should have never done away with the original, pre-developed Extended Universe because they couldn't come up an equally-developed "new" universe. Then again, we have yet to see what they have in store for Episode IX. But anyway, by Day 2 I managed to convince myself as well as my Dad that The Last Jedi was the second-worse Star Wars movie, beating only The Phantom Menace.

And then I saw the movie a second time. The second time seeing it I was not constantly comparing it to how good Force Awakens and Rouge One were like how I was the first time, so I could focus on the good qualities of the movie (of which there are ALSO a lot). I began to appreciate how they set up in this movie a very intriguing relationship between Rey and Kylo Ren that I'm curious to see more of in IX. The movie's not NEARLY as good as the masterpieces that were Force Awakens and Rouge One, but, all-in-all, it's not THAT bad (*edit* I retract the previous statement: after thinking more about it and rewatching some of the Prequels I realized that it's TOTALLY an awful movie and still ranks as second-worst in the series). They'd better recover from this in IX or Disney's Star Wars Revival is going to go down as a failed experiment IMO (which would stink because I love Disney...)

OK, I'm done now....

....OH YEAH! There's a score here!


BTW, my current ranking is:
1.) Rouge One
2.) The Force Awakens
3.) The Empire Strikes Back
4.) A New Hope
5.) Revenge of the Sith
6.) Return of the Jedi
7.) Attack of the Clones
8.) The Last Jedi
9.) The Phantom Menace

Ken Burns "The Civil War": Ashokan Farewell (Piano Cover)

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If you've watched the legendary Ken Burns Civil War documentary you'll instantly recognize this beautiful melody (as usual, this sounds MUCH better when played live). There IS more to the song but I haven't learned those parts yet, so I'll update this score when I do.


-Elisha Hunt Rhodes

Snowy Path (WIP)

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Flute, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Timpani, Percussion(7), Piano, Guitar, Bass, Strings(2)
I uploaded a portion of this original a while back but didn't work on it for like another two months. I recently went through and made some changes and got to this point. It's still not COMPLETELY done yet but it's at least at a check-point. The theme is in the style of a generic 'snowy mountain' video game area (a lot is based off of music from Pokemon D/P/Pt)


Mario Odyssey: Steam Gardens (Piano Cover)

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As you probably well know, this song is incredibly fun to listen to, but let me tell you that playing this groovy tune is even MORE fun!!!


Score referenced:

Here's a geeky theory note: this song features BOTH the pentatonic (that Asian-sounding scale when you play all the black keys on a piano) and blues scales, the pentatonic being E-G-A-B-D (featured in the melody) and the blues being E-G-A-Bb-B-D (featured in those improvisations)

Mario Odyssey: Bonneton (WIP)

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Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Percussion(4), Strings(3)
After much consideration and after getting all 880 Power Moons, I have come to the conclusion that Super Mario Odyssey is, in fact, the greatest Mario game to date. It is genuinely a fantastic game with SO MUCH STUFF, including awesome music! Accordingly, I'm going to start posting Odyssey-related content, starting with this transcription of one of my favorite songs from the game, the theme from Bonneton. I'm going for accuracy, so if you spot any errors let me know.


NTT#2: Disney

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1. Beauty and the Beast: Castle Theme (VGA)
2. Lilo and Stitch: I'm Lost (ongakuken)
3. Tangled: Healing Incantation (VGA)
4. Monsters Inc: Chase Theme (EPCUDO)
5. Wreck-It Ralph: Main Theme (VGA)
6. Little Mermaid: Ariel's Song (VGA)
7. Lion King: This Land (happymusic99)
8. Robin Hood: Whistle Stop (VGA)
9. Phineas and Ferb: Building Montage (WillLawson)
10. Inside Out: Main Theme (VGA)
11. Finding Nemo: Nemo Egg (VGA)
12. The Incredibles: Glory Days (VGA)
13. Enchanted: That's How You Know (VGA)
14. Bambi: Love is a Song That Never Ends (VGA)
15. Peter Pan: Second Star to the Right (VGA)
16. Winnie the Pooh: Little Black Raincloud (VGA)
17. Tarzan: You'll Be in My Heart (VGA)
18. Hercules: I Will Go the Distance (VGA)
19. Frozen: Vuelie (VGA)
20. Little Mermaid: Ursula's Theme (VGA)
21. Phineas and Ferb: Dr. Doofenshmirtz's Theme (VGA)
22. There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow (VGA)
23. Snow White: Some Day My Prince Will Come (VGA)
23. Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Theme (happymusic99)
24. Mary Poppins: Feed the Birds (VGA)
25. Cinderella: A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes (VGA)
26. Up: The Spirit of Adventure (Clarinet Game)
27. Aladdin: Prince Ali (VGA)
28. Mary Poppins: Chim Chim Cher-ee (VGA)
29. Alice In Wonderland (VGA)
30. Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow (happymusic99)
31. Fox and the Hound: Best of Friends (VGA)
32. Wishes Fireworks Show (VGA)
33. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Hot Dog (VGA)
34. Toy Story: Woody's Roundup (VGA)
35. Lilo and Stitch: Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride (VGA)
36. Ratatouille: Le Festin (Clarinet Game)
37. Monster's University (VGA)
38. Steamboat Willie Theme (VGA)
39. Jungle Book: I Wanna Be Like You (VGA)
40. Frozen: Love is an Open Door (VGA)
41. TRON Legacy: Adagio for TRON (happymusic99)
42. Songs of the South: Zippidy-Doo-Da (VGA)
43. Cars: Driving Theme (VGA)
44. Toy Story: You've Got a Friend In Me (Clarinet Game)
45. Pocahontas: Colors of the Wind (Clarinet Game)
46. Mulan: Reflection (VGA)
47. Lady and the Tramp: Bella Noche (VGA)
48. Aladdin: Friend Like Me (Clarinet Game)
49. Sleeping Beauty: Once Upon a Dream (VGA)
50. Pinocchio: When You Wish Upon a Star (VGA)

And, yes, there are two #23's.....I miscounted....

NTT#1: Nintendo

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French Horn

1. Pokemon RSE: Slateport City (Clarinet Game)
2. Kirby Air Ride: Frozen Hillside (PK Flint)
3. M&L Bowser's Inside Story: Peach's Castle Depths (Auratron)
4. LoZ: Epona's Song (DaKook)
5. SMG2: Fated Battle (DaKook)
6. MKDD: Baby Park (BarbossaThePianist)
7. LoZ: Dark World (PK Flint)
8. Pokemon RBY: Battle! Vs. Wild Pokemon (DaKook)
9. Yoshi's Story: Overworld (PK Flint)
10. Star Fox 64: Ending (DaKook)
11. Mario 3D World: Switch Scramble Circus (DaKook)
12. Kirby Superstar: Helper's Rest (Dekkadeci)
13. Pokemon DPPt: Jubilife City (DaKook)
14. Captain Toad's Theme (DaKook)
15. Hyrule Temple (WillLawson)
16. Yoshi's Island: Level Complete (DaKook)
17. M&L Partners in Time: Vs. Elder Princess Shroob (DaKook)
18. Punch Out: Running Theme (BarbossaThePianist)
19. Kirby's Return to Dreamland: Boss Battle (Lermonz)
20. Animal Crossing: Museum Theme (pandapal02)
21. Kirby Triple Deluxe: Moonstruck Blossom (Dekkadeci)
22. Pokemon SM: Team Skull Theme (HighIndefinition)
23. MKDD: Bowser's Castle (Dekkadeci)
24. Pikmin: World Map (Fresh Bread)
25. MK8: Dolphin Shoals (wilabee)
26. Pokemon GSC: Indigo Plateau (DaKook)
27. Yoshi's Island: Stork's Lullaby (PK Flint)
28. Wii Sports Theme (Fresh Bread)
29. King Dedede Battle (wilabee)
30. Star Fox Zero: Main Theme (Miffed)
31. Kirby's Adventure: Butter Building (WillLawson)
32. DK Jungle (Lermonz)
33. Mario 3D World: World Bowser (VanillaButterz)
34. Mario 3D Land: Main Theme (wilabee)
35. LoZ: Gerudo Valley (DaKook)
36. Animal Crossing New Leaf: Island Tour (Clarinet Game)
37. Pokemon DPPt: Eterna City (HighIndefinition)
38. Animal Crossing City Folk: Title Screen (willbyrd1)
39. Pokemon RSE: Route 113 (PK Flint)
40. Metroid: Main Theme (HighIndefinition)
41. Kid Icarus: Dark Pit's Theme (BarbossaThePianist)
42. Kirby Air Ride: Celestial Valley (Dekkadeci)
43. LoZ Skyward Sword: Groose's Theme (Stormaggedon234)
44. Wario Ware: Mona's Pizza (DaKook)
46. SMG2: World 3 (WillLawson)
47. LoZ: Kakariko Village (wilabee)
48. Star Wolf Theme (DaKook)
49. ARMS: Main Theme (Lermonz)
50. Mario Odyssey: Jump Up, Superstar! (wilabee)

Only ONE went unanswered.......#45 was "Bulblax Kingdom" from Pikmin 2

Name That Theme: Nintendo Edition!

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French Horn

1. Village Bridge: Pokemon B&W (Miffed)
2. Pikmin 2: Olimar's Theme (Charles Stiles)
3. Patched Plains (Miffed)
4. ---------------*
5. Gateway Galaxy (Charles Stiles)
6. Toad Town: Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story (Auratron)
7. Oak's Opening Speech: Pokemon RBY (Auratron)
8. Vs. Ridley: Super Metroid (Miffed)
9. City Trial: Kirby Air Ride (Dekkadeci)
10. Hall of Fame: Pokemon (Auratron)
11. The Legend of Zelda: Great Fairy Fountain (Miffed)
12. Town Hall: Animal Crossing City Folk (Auratron)
13. Vs. Deoxys: Pokemon RSE (Miffed)
14. Enter Bowser Jr.: Super Mario Galaxy (Miffed)
15. The Great Sea: Wind Waker (Miffed)
16. End Credits: Super Smash Bros. 64 (Julia Baldwin)
17. Wii Shop Theme (Miffed)
18. Nintendogs Theme (Lil Toadie)
19. Wii Sports Resort Theme (Miffed)
20. Coco Mountain: Mario Kart 64/DS (Auratron)

*Nobody correctly guessed #4 it so it will re-appear in NTT#1, the first competition in the "Name That Theme" group!

Pokemon DPPt: League Theme (Piano Cover)

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Oh my gosh, this song is so awesome. Of the songs I currently play on the piano, this one would have to be my favorite. I highly recommend learning this song!


Theme from Little House on the Prairie for French Horn

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French Horn
So, yeah, I may or may not be a giant fan of the Little House on the Prairie series. Through a good chunk of my childhood, my family had a routine of watching a LHOP episode, as we liked to call them, every night. Some pretty great inside jokes were created from stupid/awkward moments in the show that no one else would get except us (because no one else knew any LHOP references......if you do please make some in the comments so we can confuse everyone else). Regardless of the cheesiness, the show actually did maintain genuinely-lovable characters and some fulfilling plot-lines that kept it alive and worth watching (until around Season 8, of course)*

Anyway, the main theme for the series is actually a pretty cool piece and makes for a nice horn solo!

*The moment when we realized the show had "jumped the shark" was the episode when Charles Ingles travelled with his dying son into the wilderness and built an giant stone altar to God and God struck the altar with a purple lightning bolt and healed the son............yes, you read that right...........*sigh*........

The Big Bad Bowser Finale Battle Mash-Up!

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Flute, Other Woodwinds, Oboe, Bassoon, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Timpani, Percussion(5), Voice(2), Piano, Organ, Synthesizer(4), Guitar, Bass, Violin, Strings(3), Cello
The "Grand Finale" of the Big Bad Bowser Medley, featuring one of the greatest finale battle songs ever "Grand Finale" from Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, the classic "Ultimate Koopa" from Mario 64, and unforgettable final battle music from the Mario Galaxy series.


To the full medley:

Scores referenced:
Shirsha Chakrabarti's "Ultimate Koopa - Orchestrated"
MrdrSheep8's "Bowser's Inside Story Final Boss Battle"
Lermonz's "Super Mario Galaxy Final Battle Brass Quintet"
Merkadile's "Bowser Medley Full Band"

The Big Bad Bowser Medley

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Flute, Other Woodwinds, Oboe, Bassoon, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Timpani, Percussion(5), Voice(2), Piano, Organ, Synthesizer(4), Guitar, Bass, Violin, Strings(3), Cello
Here are the links to the separate sections of this medley (it's really more of a suite than a medley):
NES Castle Remix:
SNES Castle Remix:
Koopa Road Remix:
Airship Theme Remix:
Jazz Medley:
New Super Mario Bros Medley:
Mario Galaxy Bowser Battle Remix:
Big Bad Bowser Final Battle Mash-Up:

Scores referenced:
HKMmusic's "Super Mario 64: Bowser's Theme"
DaKook's "Super Mario 64 - Koopa's Road "
Ben Stoneking's "Attack of the Airships - Super Mario Galaxy"
TheGreenChameleon's "New Super Mario Bros Wii Castle Theme Piano"
- The Zhong Bros. - "New Super Mario Bros Bowser's Castle"
VanillaButterz's "Super Mario Galaxy: Bowser Battle"
Shirsha Chakrabarti's "Ultimate Koopa - Orchestated"
MrdrSheep8's "Bowser's Inside Story Final Boss Battle"
Lermonz's "Super Mario Galaxy Final Battle Brass Quintet"
Merkadile's "Bowser Medley Full Band"