Clara Oswin Oswald

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Clara's Theme, arranged for String Quintet/String Orchestra.

Based on a Piano Duet by Jimmi Thøgersen, which in turn is based on the music composed by Murray Gold.

This arrangement is available free of charge for educational and fans' personal enjoyment. Please do not play in a public performance without the express permission of the BBC and Murray Gold.

This arrangement is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by BBC or Murray Gold. “Doctor Who” is a registered trademark of BBC Worldwide.

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Luke Bambrick's picture

A Whovian like me! :D
"Thumbs up"!

joshk0724's picture

Ah- that's his name! I re-arranged the same piece for a solo piano instead in my soundtrack compilation. I believe your's is more true to the original, though that wasn't exactly my intent when trying to compress the piece for two hands- it's a different thing. Here, there are some abrupt cut-offs, but that may be just the playback given by MuseScore. Otherwise, well done! I can imagine this work easily for string orchestra in real life. :)

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Uploaded Aug 5, 2013
Pages 8
Duration 2:42
Measures 61
Key signature natural
Parts 5
Part names
  • Violin (2)
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Contrabass
License CC Zero
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