Zen Zen Zense - String Orchestra

Uploaded on Oct 10, 2016

Update: I'll probably end up completely changing the bass part (It's literally almost always the same as the cello part but just an octave lower.) and spread out the melody between sections instead of leaving it in the firsts. I planned on doing that before posting the score but I got lazy so yeah. I'll get around to it though.

The first score I've actually posted. It's really bad and the dynamics are pretty uneven so any suggestions for improvements are greatly appreciated.

Original by RADWIMPS
Piano Arr. and Trans. by MyReminiscence
Arr. Me of course :)

kimi no na wa zen zen zense string orchestra

Pages 22
Duration 04:35
Measures 196
Key signature 5 sharps
Parts 5
Part names Violin(2), Viola, Cello, Contrabass
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Its good and all, but u are litterally just layering almsot everything, try a bit more contrast between instuments to make it sound more flourished.
spread the melody to the other instruments not just the firsts
Yo read the description please.
Like HypergonZX asked, do you have a version of Zen Zen Zense purely for violin?
i mean i could definitely post one for you guys. the melody is only in the firsts so all id have to do is delete the other parts. EDIT: ITS UPPPP :))
This piece is the best one out of the two options that I could choose from for the entire orchestra. This is such a great piece, I've been listening to this 5 times before finally commenting.
Been looking for music for my final for orchestra and I think I found exactly what I need. Just need to find a bass and cello who would play this with my other friends and I. If I cant find anyone,welp I can always just play this with my friends outside of school and maybe record it and put it on youtube.
Any chance you have a violin version of this?
sorry for the late reply, but i could post a violin score for you. the melody is already in the firsts anyways so id just have to delete the other parts. it'll be ready in like less than 10 minutes so check back soon. EDIT: ITS UP :)))
I don't know this song, but I think especially for the really busier sections there should be notes marked with staccatos and some of the accompaniment should be a little quieter so you can hear the melody. This way it doesn't sound too overwhelming! But then again, Musescore doesn't have the greatest music samples haha. I really like this though! It's very well arranged :D
Sorry for the late reply but thank you! This was one of my first arrangements and I was just screwing around so I'm glad to hear that you think it's well arranged. :)))