Danse Macabre for string quartet

Uploaded on Dec 10, 2014

Just finished this score, it's very well playable but only for more skilled players.
I hope you will like it.
Please leave comments below.

Camille saint-saëns death dance

Pages 29
Duration 08:01
Measures 469
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 4
Part names Violin(2), Viola, Cello
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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wonderful arrangement, was wondering if you could email me the individual parts at -smithenaz@gmail.com- thank you very much
What a gorgeous arrangement! Has anyone recorded this?
I have not received any recording yet, only a lot of requests for permission to play and/or the parts. I hope I might hear a recording some day!
If anyone wishes the seperate parts you can better send me a pm to my first account. ( https://musescore.com/user/15685 ) That way I'll be way faster at answering your requests!
Can you please send me the parts my email is violinist1765@gmail.com
If possible can you send it beofre Friday?
Thank you for all this tremendous work! Would you be able to send the individual parts? Thanks!
thanks for the share Alexander! Can't wait to play this with my strings buddies ! You've got yourself a great job there!
Thank you very much, I hope you and your ensemble will enjoy it!
by any chance do you have the individual parts, I really need them by today, and I’d be extremely grateful if you could share them with me.
I just downloaded your score to use in training my youth concert strings this summer...how can I get the parts separated ? This is an amazing challenge for teaching chromatics, counting, chords....great job!
to get the seperate parts, you open this score in musescore, go to 'file' and select 'parts'. In that new menu you should press 'new' and then select which instruments every part should comprise. After that you can check the individual parts that have formed automatically for lay-out and little mistakes the program made while making the parts.

Or you can simply pm to my first account: https://musescore.com/user/15685
and ask me to send the seperate parts which I already have pre-made.
Would you mind if I used your arrangement to write a saxophone quartet?
please do! I would be delighted to see the result of that!
It's done, soon I will upload it to Musescore so you can view the result I hope you will like it!
Thank you! Do you think you can send me the individual parts?
Is this free? Can I print it and use this music for a concert? Or does copyright do something? Please get back to me as soon as possible. Thanks!!
So you may use this music in however way you want to, have fun playing it!
In most countries i believe, the official copyright of the original composer (in this case Saint-Saens) stops after something like 70 years after it's creation. In that case you normally may use it freely as you please.
With music from the hand of more modern and living composers you should be more careful, I believe you may play arrangements from these composers that you wrote down yourself but you may not ask an entrance fee for the concerts where you play it. If you still really want to play it you should try to contact the composer or the company that owns the rights.
You can download this and make the parts yourself (and maybe change bits you like to see different), or you can send a pm to me and I will send the parts in the version I like them.
Wonderful arrangement! Can I perform this arrangement on a concert? I am presenting a concert of death in classical music, and this piece is perfect for the concert!
Please do, if there would be a recording of the result I'd be happy to hear it!
Do you mind if I use this arrangement at my grandmother's birthday celebration? It's is her favorite song so to play would be most excellent and this is the best arrangement I found.
Sorry for my bad English.
please do, I only share it with the internet so everybody and anybody may use it so his/her own liking. I never had the opportunity to play this myself in ensemble so I really would like to know whether there are some impractical places to play. I hope you will enjoy playing it and also that your grandmother wil enjoy listening.
We have had the piece one week now and it is only dynamic alterations that have occurred. Not that the dynamics were wrong our cellist just doesn't understand relativity so he plays really loud and drowns out the violins haha. So we made him write the dynamics one or two lower (example: F to mf or mp depending on the part) but the notes themselves seem very doable and playable.
Our violist thanks you very much as she likes having the melody too.
again, sorry for my bad english.
Have fun! Little remark for the cellist: the notes in the intro may also be played as a D in flagolet using the bow for making short notes to mimic the 12 bellrings
I like how you gave the melody to everybody. that was nice since violas are left out alot
thats exactly what i try to achieve with my string ensemble arrangements! Thank you for noticing it.