Oblivion (Piazzolla) for String Quartet

Uploaded on Jan 20, 2014

This is my arrangement of the famous Tango Oblivion by Astor Piazzolla for String Quartett. For a better sound listen to this beautiful recording by the Varazdinski Quartet:


If you need the parts, just send me a message or write a comment.

Tango Piazzolla String Quartet

Pages 3
Duration 03:44
Measures 71
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 4
Part names Violin(2), Viola, Cello
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Can you please send the parts to saomww@gmail.com
Hi. Could you please email me the parts:

Thank you
hi! this is so great! could i have a copy of the individual parts please? my email address is musicandmakan@gmail.com thank you so much!
Great arrangement!! could you send me the individual parts please? thanks!! juanmusa2001@yahoo.es
Bonsoir Tobias
Je serai intéressé par les parties séparées d'Oblivion.
Merci infiniment.
Joyeux fêtes !
Hi, i like your arrangement Tobia, would appreciate if we can get the parts as well?!

Many thanks
New Zealand
Excellent piece! Please send parts to viocamlin@gmail.com
send to eurocafeduo@outlook.com Thanks!
I want to combine the 2nd violin and viola into an accordion part so can you send xml's of each of the parts separately. Very nice arrangement! Thanks. Ted
what would happen if i just cut out the second violin?
It would be a trio and much less interesting
Hey man, nice job! could I get the individual parts? michael.incorvaia@gmail.com
Greetings, Tobias. I just wanted to say I DO NOT NEED THE PARTS because MuseScore (free!) makes it ridiculously easy to print out the parts separately or to transpose them for other instruments or do anything at all. Lovely arrangement, thank you.
This is by far my favorite song I have heard on musescore! I am a member of a string quartet at my school and my group would definitely like to play it. Is it possible if you sent the individual parts to alexnicholls455@gmail.com. I love it! Thanks for sharing it with us all!
Thanks a lot for the work! Can you please send me the indivudual parts to:
Hi! Our quartet would love to play this piece. Could you please help us out sending individual parts to lmendoza39@uabc.edu.mx. It would mean the world to us. We can record and send us our interpretation of the work if you like.
Hello, my students will love this. Can you send me the parts, thank you Pat
Hello !
Would you mind sending me the parts at
thanks much ! :)
Hello! Would you mind sending me the parts at wrobertson20@choate.edu? Thanks much! This is a beautiful composition :)
Lovely arrangement. Can you please send me a link to the parts? -- teylyn@gmail.com -- Thank you from New Zealand
Hello, our string quartet would love to play this song. Would you be able to send me the individual parts p.asare0@gmail.com. Thank you!
Hello!!! Could you send me the individual parts? Please. Email jhonny2001166@gmail.com :)
Hi, I'm Elena!, could you send the individual parts via email?. My adress is ervown@gmail.com
Is it possible to get the parts? My adress is therese.mitreuter@web.de
It´s a great arrangemant! Thank you for sharing :)
can u send me the individual parts asap? my email is choiai452@gmail.com. really appreciate this !! thanks!
Hello! Fantastic arrangement. Can you please send me the parts? Would be immensely grateful : zein.rock@gmail.com
Hello - this is an excellent arrangement. Would you be happy to send me a score on Sibelius please? Many thanks
I can copy it down for you, just give the address
Hello pikito123,
to send you a score, i need an email adress. And sorry, i don´t have Sibelius.
Hi Tobias! Nice arrangement. Can you send me the parts? Katsi (at) iki.fi
hello! if you don't mind can you send me te parts?i love this arrangement.. littlebee33@hanmail.net please thank you
Love your arrangement. I need parts. I may use flute to play violin 2. Kindly please send me part to my email:
George Wong
Can you please send me the individual parts? Beautiful arrangement.
judylmargolis@gmail.com (small L after the judy)
Hi there,

What a beautiful arrangement, would you be able to send through the parts to tenaclef@gmail.com?

Thank you so much!
Love the arrangement, please send separate parts to: wloh500@gmail.com THX!
Our string quartet would love to play your arrangement. We would love to have the 4 parts. Is that possible? Thank you very much, Dr. Ray Irwin Email: SanClementeGuy@cox.net
Hi! I would also very much like a set of pqrts if you are still offering. We are planning to go through it on Thursday, it looks great! My email is peebles.matt@gmail.com. Thanks for your time. - Matt
Thank you for your arrangement, Tobias. Very inspiring! I would love a set of parts! Could you please e-mail them to djpetry@juno.com? Thanks!

Can't wait for my group to try your arrangement. Please email a set of parts to: 2nelldh@gmail.com. Thank you very much!
Hi Tobias!
I love your arrangement. I tried downloading the parts, but the files won't open. Would you be able to send me the parts to jcarringt1@gmail.com?
Such a good arrangement! Would love a set of parts: timthulson@gmail.com
Hello Tobias.
I appreciate the effort to arrange this beautiful piece.
I will be very thankful if you would send me the parts, so I can practice this piece with my quartet.

Arian Sadrayi

Hi Tobias. Love the Arrangement! Could you please send me the parts please? Thank you. yeahbutyou127@gmail.com
Hi Tobias. Great arrangement.Could you send me the parts please? rubenrev@hotmail.com
Hi Tobias, great score. Please could you send the parts? sozabella@hotmail.com. Many thanks and well done for writing such a good arrangement.
Hi, beautiful piece, can you send me the parts please? agusyao191999@gmail.com
Could you send me the parts please? Thanks so much!! maxlu852@gmail.com