Maple Leaf Rag (Scott Joplin)

Uploaded on Dec 1, 2013

Pages 4
Duration 02:53
Measures 85
Key signature 4 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Public domain
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I've been learning piano for 6 years... Gonna try and play this piece.
true I had been doing it 2 months I have 13 years
Just had to learn the piece by all means, my favorite peace ever,I now play it with much ease
This is one of my favorite rags, and I wish I could play it!!
Just take it slowly with one hand at a time and gradually put it together. once you get going, it's easier than it looks. Don't try to sightread through it.
See the thing is, i'm an alto sax player, and i can't do the base cleff on keyboard with my hand rn, if i had a copy that had both trebles, but still and octive down, i'd much better off. (sorry for any misspellings)
This is my all time favourite along with The Entertainer. It is really hard to learn but once you nailed it, it's totally worth it. Real fun!
4 flats makes this a pain. Entertainer is much easier to play.
When I'm playing first 5 seconds my mind is dividend info what Is playing right hand And what Is playing left hand, so I hear something different And I can't fully savor it. Is this normal? Do you have it too?
Yeah, I would recommend just practicing each hand separate and then put them together slowly.
its really a jolly and also difficult one I think I'm going to give it up, I can't make the notes even...... Thank you for arranging it !
Been playing piano for around a month seriously, gonna try my hands at this.
this is really hard you know you should probaly try something little easier
Uh, this piece is really easy. I've already learned most of it :P I'm currently learning Waltz in B Minor by Chopin
you basicilly only can play this song and you dont even know what your playing probaly
I think there's an error in the left hand of measure 16 and 50. The first chord is supposed to be C,A,E.
Yes ,you are defintely correct this is an error and should be fixed ! ^^
Thank you so much for this! I’ve been able to learn this entire piece over the past month or two and all that’s left now is to clean up a few parts and transitions. It’s by far the most difficult piece I’ve learned in my time as a musician, and I’d like to thank you for putting this out on musescore.
First page pretty easy. Second page a little harder. Third page hardest. It increases in difficulty as you go.
very good maple leaf rag, very good.
as long as u know the first page u can do an infinite loop its so fun to do
Hee hee i could play this in a loop forever
Hey, would you mind if i used parts of this to assisist me with my own composition?
It's by Scott Joplin, and I think he died around 1902,so you should be fine.
This isn't his own original score, just go for it.
Catchy & Stunning & Timeless & Endlessly-Playable & Enigmatic & Stratospheric
Awesome! I always loved this piece.
Cool Song! You should try to do The Entertainer!
The entertainer is actually easier.
ikr I didn't give it much thought until you commented this.... Why IS there a trio??
If you didn’t already know, ragtime is based off of marches. Since marches always have a trio section, so do ragtime pieces.
Ive been playing piano for around 7-8 years now, Im gonna try to learn this piece for fun.