Game of Thrones - difficult piano version

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Uploaded on Nov 6, 2016

Here´s a difficult version of Game of Thrones

game of thrones game of thrones klavier game of thrones piano game of thrones difficult Simon Csokan classic movie theme

Pages 5
Duration 03:18
Measures 50
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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great! what grade would you recommend learning it in?
i love this so much! i mean you don't really have to know something to like or dislike it, speaking that i have never seen the Game of Thrones before, but this is amazing.
What grade level do you think this piece is aimed for?
I learnt this in grade 5 and its okay but hard
I`m learning it since a few days... just now Irealized that it was uploaded at my birthday xD nice, thank you :)
This piece is amazing but it made me realize just how tragically tiny my hands are hehe. Worth the struggle to master tho.
Honestly it's not as difficult to play as a lot of the comments make it out to be, the jumps and large chords are the only real challenge since the melody is pretty repetitive and a lot of the phrases fall under hand pretty well even if you don't plan out fingerings ahead of time. Left and right hand can trip over each other a few times on the first page I suppose, but it's a very well written transcription as far as feasible play-ability.
Hey great job...I try It and I think your arrangement is perfetto, I love,but is also very difficult ...work in progress
Sounds great man ! Its quite easiely to play but it sounds mcuh mroe harder than its is. Keep on your work
Thank you very much for this piece!!
thank you very much! it very easy to play) From russia with love:-)
Мацуев, залогинься! )))
love it! keep up the good work!
Pretty easy to learn very repetitive. Learned in about 2 days and some stretches a little big for my hands so played 5th instead of octave. Amazing transcription. Thank you!
Nice transcription. However some small inaccuracies like missing phrase marks in the treble clef. for ex. in mm. 3 , mm.5 etc where the phrase continues on to next bar. PS:I can understand it is obvious for anyone who has been hearing it for a while now and are a big fan of GOT. But I am here not for the love of GOT but was looking for some escape music to let my hair down as it was raining outside my window :). Anyway thanks for the music. Beautifully transcribed.
i asked my mum to play this and she played it on the first go with no mistakes
This is perfect! Just my level, and I love it! Everything else is too weird, off-key, or easy.
Dang some of these comments are kinda vicious O-o
Awesome! I'm gonna play this for sure!
Tried playing. Some of the stretches are too much for me, do you plan on making a 'intermediate' version? Most of it isn't too bad, but some parts just seem insane to me.
"Oh, you're not good enough to play it then." Sound familiar? >:(

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