Canon on Steroids ~ WAIT FOR IT

Uploaded on Jun 19, 2018

Starts subtle, but escalates to a massive ending. The most extra & difficult version of Pachabel's Canon you've ever heard. The parts are messed up, I know, it was most convenient to compose with that layout.

Pachabel Canon D major Variations difficult arrangement easy band orchestra symphony pachelbel pachebel pachabel's pachelbel's pachebel's Johannes in D violin piano timpani organ choir voice clarinet flute brass snare drum celesta xylophone harp best

Pages 23
Duration 04:04
Measures 74
Key signature 2 sharps
Parts 18
Part names Strings(2), Flute, Clarinet, Percussion(7), Harp, Piano, Trumpet, Organ, Voice, Timpani, Contrabass
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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GOOD JOBE! Funny how there are about seven f's in various measures
Wow that made my cry....man this version reminds me to an Japanese's commercial for Pantene!
The conductor's arms broke halfway through this
Ur supposed to play like Unicorn jumped into your room and Moo'd like a cow. Then you have to poop ice cream out of your pants and say. "UNI UNI UNIQUE. UNICORN. UNIQUE HORN. UNIQUEORN." And yea you play that way for 37.4443 measures then go back to normal
or... you could just play it normally
how long did it take to write this? IT'S AMAZING
I never thought a song so simple can be made so beautiful and complex
Hmmmm...I'm at a loss for words. How uncharacteristic of me. This, hands down, soars above the original version of the canon (ignoring stylistic discrepancies, but Busoni didn't care, why should we?). Now, if only the instrumentation had been more conventional, we may be able to see this composition played more often. Congrats!
I think the orchestration's OK, it's more or less your standard orchestra format. Only some lines need to be rewritten to be read more easily
You're right; it is basically a standard orchestra. What I meant to point out was that it would be extremely difficult to bring together choirs, an organist, and world-class instrumentalists competent enough to pull this performance off. The octaves and arpeggios for the violins would be enough of a headache. To have the Berlin Phil or NY Phil to play this at a wedding would be unaffordable for most. On a side note, I would recommend a marimba part instead of a celesta, although I do suspect the choice was made by Flying Whale for the soundfont.
True, it's too majestic to be playable... I think the celesta's a good choice of instrument, not a very common one, actually
Love the gradual build up as I am a fan on minimalism styled pieces
Thank you! The build-up was inspired in part by the finale of Mahler's Ressurection Symphony
Ha! Absolutely superb! Great use of instrumentation! Almost makes Musescore's default soundfont sound like the real thing.
Thank you so much! It started off as a piano trio, but I realized layering was necessary for it to be edible to the ear.
Seriously! You could've knocked me down with a feather, you know. You managed to turn the original piece on its head! The instruments sounded extremely well, and sounded just like an epic orchestra playing together majestically. You also managed to compose your own D lines for the song for multiple instruments, in multiple ways, such as epic arpeggios. Another good point.

My own version sounds pretty miserable and dull next to yours, to be honest. Definite fave.

Just a slight flaw : you can't read the notes easily in measure 36 and in a few other passages, too. Maybe you could've fixed these problems by using 8va lines and/or clefs.

Overall, very, very good piece, congratz.

Thank you for your generous review! This song wasn't created to be played, thus the unorganized and messy notation. All the parts are more or less playable, but bringing together the wild assortment of instruments together for Pachelbel's Canon is a nearly unfeasible task.
Yes, that was a pretty wild and bold remix. :)
And, I'm not the kind of guy that's always picky on music like some and tries everything to criticize other people's work all the time unreasonably. Sincere congratz.
In page settings under layout you get to adjust the scaling space. If you reduce this number, the staves will be smaller and they can all fit on the page. You can also use a larger size of paper.
I have on question: Why are the instruments in the order they are? (The order in the instruments window is the most convenient.)
The main focus of this project was the sound; the layout was never a concern. I may look into adjusting the layout eventually, but for now, I am simply looking for feedack as to how it sounds and what I can do to make it better.