Finding Strength

Uploaded on Apr 29, 2015

"Though I know it hurts to know you're gone, I am still finding strength to keep moving on."

Feedback and critique is always welcome and appreciated :)

**Big thank you to MuseScore user Dwayn helping composing measures 29-40!**

arpeggio Bb major feedback critique piano composition original middle acoustic grand piano 2.0 strength finding courage hope love pain heartbreak octave G minor Ab major F minor key change forte fortissimo recovery healing Dwayn Finding Strength

Pages 3
Duration 01:58
Measures 61
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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License None (All rights reserved)
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Lovely! The one thing I would say is that this should probably be in 3/4, not 6/8 (I would be happy to explain if you need me to, but I don't want to clutter up your comments if you don't need me to lol). But other than that, this is a stunningly beautiful, emotional piece. Well done! :)
Ooh yes, I see why 3/4 fits better-- I'll fix that now. Thanks for catching that and also for your kind feedback :)
This just brings such hope in my life, thank you
Happy to share music with you! Glad that it could encourage you <3
Great piece, I REALLY love it!

Although this is only trivial, the G Flats in bars 4, 20, 24, 44 and 49 (ie all of those when you are in 2 flats key signature) should really be F Sharps, as you're in G-Minor with the raised 7th and bars 33 to 40 should be in B Flat minor (5 flats) ("just makes it a bit easier to read" - My Piano Teacher). And one thing I noticed, only the first natural is needed in the left hand of bar 41, but that's just me being overly picky.
Thank you for your kind thoughts! And thank you so much for bringing these details to my attention- it's all very helpful :) Hope you have a great day!
The meaning of this piece is quite relevant in my life now. I like the bit where it says "with strength" :)
Thank you for your kind words :) I wish you all the best, and hope that in wherever your life is in this season, you will be able to find strength and never give up.
I really love this! :D I could see your progress in composing...I'm not trying to sound like I'm something, but that was the only comment I could find to express how I felt when I listened to your piece :)
Thank you so much! You are one of my favorite composers on MuseScore, and I really appreciate the kind feedback you've given :)
I agree! Good good flow. I felt like there were a couple places you could go in alternative directions. very neat
Thank you for the feedback! I appreciate your comment and will try to keep alternative directions in my mind in my future piece :)
What a gorgeous piece! I would love to arrange this for handbells at my church if that's okay.
Thank you so much :) That's totally okay with me! My only request is that if it's being printed/distributed that you would mention the original somewhere please. Thanks for asking! God bless!
This is absolutely beautiful. Wonderful job!
Wow! This is beautiful, and I'm surprised I haven't heard it yet. :) You are an amazing musician.
Thank you! Your kind comment means a lot to me :)
this piece from start to end is just beautiful :)
may i have your skills please? 0_o they're too amazing
I am a self taught composer. I'm open to critique, but there's a difference between constructive criticism and negativity. If you have problems with my music, it would mean a lot to me if you would give me feedback on how I can improve rather than giving me comments with attitude. You don't have to like my music but please at least be respectful.
Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. But hey I totally forgive you! I'm not upset, I was just slightly taken aback. I just want you to remember to be careful because I know that online it can be hard--for everyone--to communicate sometimes. Thank you again for the apology, I totally forgive you. And thank you for the critique! I will keep your ideas in mind as I go forward. Have a great day :)
Damn ! This score has been really succesful ^^
Your help was key in making this piece come together––thank you so much for everything :)
That's nothing : your scores are great, so I just made a continuity.
Keep working on scores like that ;) !
You STILL haven't added this song to your groups!?
Haha... I think I had initially added it before I upgraded to a pro account, but with the 5 group limit I was taking it in and out of different groups at different times... XD
Really, really, really poignant! There is a loud lyrical power throughout the song, it's really wonderful! :D
Oh, it's not Dwayne but Dwayn! It's a french musescore friend ^^
Thank you for your thoughtful comment-- I really appreciate it!
And oh, thanks for catching that typo I made with the name! I went ahead and fixed it :)
Fondly ~ Hannah
this is great piano piece. i can tell u play piano. this piece is very enjoyable to listen to. it reminds me somewhat of the first noel but sounds contemporary enough to be a chior piece for a school. keep it up!!
Thank you so much for this kind comment, Matthew! You have great music yourself :) I actually don't play very much piano: I took one year of piano class in school but haven't been in any lessons since the class ended a bit over a year ago. I've just been working independently with theory and sight reading since then. I am considering finding a teacher but for now have just picked up composing as a hobby and music has become an outlet for me through the good and bad-- thanks again. It means a lot to me.
oh and i can definitely tel that u work with theory. haha
thank u!! really?! i feel that. if u live in bowling green ky, then i might be able to recommend some teachers for u if it would help?
You're welcome! :)
Yeah, my musical experience is more with choir but I do enjoy piano in my free time. I am from Southern California, but I really appreciate your offer. Thank you so much!
And haha, thank you :)
Your comments are always so encouraging to me-- thank you. Hope you enjoy learning it :)
I'm doing AP World Homework and writing a paper for English... *cries*
How about you? XD
I'm sitting here on Musescore listening to songs and thinking about how horrible my recent scores are