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Genre: Pop

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jjcosmos2's picture

And btw, any relation to Kyle by any chance?

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GoldenPickaxe's picture

My impression: Daft Punk gets on an elevator whilst watching Nickelodeon on a small television.

samrocks22's picture

This is almost dubstep.

N i C K.'s picture

Holy crack on a crapper. You are a genius.

Chaniel Royale's picture

Oh my goooood. Sickness in the percussion.

Jall2's picture

La musique comme je l'aime ! Très bonne orchestration ; )
La musica que me gusta ! Muy buena orquestación ; )

Tmoney's picture

muchas gracias! gracias por su tiempo. lol I hope I said that right!

MegaMettaurs3001's picture

Wow! This is interesting! I love it! You can want to check out my songs as well, if you're interested!

Tmoney's picture

Thanks man! your stuff is awesome btw!

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Uploaded May 20, 2012
Pages 11
Duration 1:42
Measures 56
Key signature natural
Parts 7
Part names
  • Percussion (7)
  • Guitar (3)
  • Piano
  • Synthesizer (2)
  • Bass
  • Organ
  • Timpani
License All rights reserved
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