Beste18 For Marlboro and other comparable brands Diff 2

Uploaded on Jul 10, 2018

Müzik öğretmeni arkadaşımın son bölümdeki ritm kaymaları hoşuna gitmediği için onları kaldırdım ama eski halini "diff" olarak yerinde bıraktım.

My music instructor friend where a live did not fond of the rhytmic shifts at the ending section,so i removed them but i kept the version with them in place titled with the "diff"suffix.

I applied small but very significant and improving changes made by valued suggestions of my friend Luis G.Montiel A.Grateful to him.

Pages 2
Duration 01:56
Measures 54
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 3
Part names Flute, Contrabass, Percussion
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Hi Kamil, your composition seems very good to me. I send you a minimum review by mail that has to do with the elimination of a repetition in the compas 37 and other very few revisions in two or three notes. The truth, I dare not make changes that alter your original inspiration. It also limits me very much not knowing the details of Turkish music that could alter the native essence that you can print to your composition. I think I'll be more careful to study what you do and learn from you. A hug friend.
Hi Luis,i received your review of this work and i instantly accepted the revisions you suggested.I especially liked the major seventh degree bass note at the Gmin chord at measure 26 much more melodic than minor seventh and the ending with a second inversion V chord giving a mysterious incompleteness sense,but i cannot get what you mean by compass 37,there seems it is as it was.Your revisions proved to be very curative and i readily liked them so please keep revising and i trusted more than myself to you for Turkish music also so no worries for that matter too,you have an enviable musical mind,valid for all kinds of music in my opinion.Thanks and Hugs.I am updating according to your revisions.
Thanks for your trust Kamil. There was a repeating bar without effect in measure 37 ...
Luis,finding a related composition from someonelse hugely surprised me; https://musescore.com/user/2668376/scores/4338101#comment-4967979
In my opinion I estimate that your version would be more adapted for the marketing in tv, radio or cinema. Some images chords and to fly ..
Actually last thing i would have liked is taking part at boosting a detrimental habit although i am an addicted too but unhappy with myself being so.Thanks anyway we are talking about music,aren't we.
Auw,i have just noticed it.That was put mistakenly and there should not be indeed.Thanks for your attention.
It keeps getting better, Kamil! It's fun to see the progression of your work. The disconnects between the flute and bass lines seem to have been resolved. I like the more active part in the bass line.
Bob,i am surprised that someone else weirdly enough shared my subject of inspiration too! https://musescore.com/user/2668376/scores/4338101#comment-4967979
Thank you Bob,My music teacher friend here where i live suggested a more active bass line at that section and want me to remove the rhythm shifts at the ending section,leaving it plain as in the beginning and i followed his advices,glad you liked them and i checked the chords as you adviced me lastly and found out that as you pointed out i had put irrelevant voices(by ear at that time)and edited them also.Thanks for all your constructive advices!