A Thousand Years

Uploaded on Oct 18, 2016

A Thousand Years Piano Christina Perri

Pages 6
Duration 04:17
Measures 107
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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License None (All rights reserved)
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thanks sooo much!! i am using this with my friends for a talent show!! it works for violin and piano and singing, which is what were doing!!! thanks again!
but the notes are so spread apart
How can they even reach the notes as far as that?!!
THIS HELPS SO MUCH THANK YOU i totally lost my music and are recital is tomarow im so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sounds Good. Shall tryout out.
this song always brings back memories of the love of my life: my squirrel named carl. why did you leave me at the altar? #whereismyhusband
by the sounds of it, they ALMOST married a squirrel ^^
what are the notes of the chords in the 5 measure????!!!
Being a singer and pianist found the words really helpful
Love the song; but some of the lyrics is spelt wrong.
But loved the song :)
im having a lot of trouble reaching the first cords.. I don't even know how someone can even reach those notes!!! anyways this is a amazing #newproject
Take the top note of the bass clef part in the right hand and play the octaves in the left.
maybe use the try to use the other hand
I LOVE IT SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love this so much its not even funny
Good arrangement but the first few chords are hard for me to reach
It's even supposed to play like that. Those notes without the "legato" should be played in right hand. I guess it's just wrote in bass section.
You can play the highest notes with right hand :) We did it at school like that. If its too hard to play with one hand just add it to the other one :D :)
It would be nice to have the chord symbols.
really nice but maybe make the bass quieter
I'm having a hard time playing this song, my hands just don't stretch from Bb3 to F2
Love This so much can't wait to learn it and play it for my family for christmas!!
Amazing work!
P.S: The singer is called christina perri not CHRISTIANA perri, love <3
i love that it is easy and it still sounds just like the song thanks for that!