River Flows In You

Uploaded on Jan 24, 2017


Pages 4
Duration 02:47
Measures 45
Key signature 3 sharps
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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There's a download button below the title, just select the pdf option and u got it.
A really beautiful song. I am still learning but still one of the best song ever!!! :-}
Beautiful piece, easy to learn (kinda, took me a couple of weeks TBH😅), awesome song😻😻😻!!!!
i think this is very close but in my opinion i think its timing is off and the first two bars should be repeated three times i think. But otherwise very good.
Respectfully, It sounds pretty robotic and slow. Grace notes are also kinda weird. My version will show you what I mean. Not trying to be a jerk, I know all feedback is taken kinda harshly though so I apologize if this sounds rude.
lol of course it sounds robotic.... the notes are digitally put together... but in other words i can see how it might be a bit robotic
But there are ways to make musescore (especially the piano midi) sound less robotic. Adding a pedal ought to do the trick, or at least get closer
I think we are mixed up with levels and grades.
What is this about levels? In Aus its grade and this is a grade 4 song.
there is such thing as grd 9 clydania2
Beautiful...and soul-stirring....this song will touch you, deeply <3
Luckily, it is not a link, so pigs like you cannot advertise, Big Pig.
No offence but that was kinda rude... (MrPiano101) I mean, he was just finding a way to show his work :) Not that I take sides
Actually, you are right. I apologise, big pig, I wasn't trying to sound rude, but your name was pig so I called you a pig :P
actually just highlight the "Link" and right-click on it. There should be a go to site option. And btw; The one time I try and advertise I have to get pulled over huh! :P XD
Btw, I checked it out and Silent Curse is quite good. (I can't stand advertisements, so maybe that s why I have advertisers)
Yeah, I'm not offended. Thank's btw! I'm glad you like it! :D
In Bar 30, the 12th note(including the grace) Don't you think it should be a b and all the other ones that are similar? That's how it is in other music just not in this one. Do you get what I mean?
Hi! I made a cover of River Flows in You. If you want to, you can listen to it. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgMcwMeQ8Ms
In bar 10, 7th note (counting w the crushed note) some people play the b note with an e. My sheet music has e added on but this one doesnt, which one should i use? Thanks
Hi does anybody know which lvl. this piece is? Some people say this is 7 lvl but I think this is too easy for that. 4 seems to low. Just asking😅❤
It's four. I'm four grd but I play it on 2 grd. It's easy. Just to know the notes have many sharps and flats.
This is actually a level 9 song I would know because I did it for my level 9 exam
I’m only in my first year but this is definitely too easy for grade 7. I would say it’s maybe grade 5. But even a grade 2 could play this with just enough hard work.
what do you mean grade 2? like the acutual school grades or piano grades?
Ok well this song is actually grade 9 because I did it for my grade 9 exam
theres no such thing a grade 9 XD do you mean level 9
magnifique, cette musique me fait rêver! merci beaucoup !
thank you for river flows in you, it seems being a good job, can't wait to try it :)
This legit sounds nothing like River flows in you
Maybe its another song you're thinking of.
Of course it sounds like River flows in you. What planet are you on or have you just not heard the actual song? Maybe its because of the font that you're not liking, but certainly the music is right.