River Flows In You

Uploaded on Jan 24, 2017


Pages 4
Duration 02:47
Measures 45
Key signature 3 sharps
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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License None (All rights reserved)
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I think you might be mixing this up with another song, but this is the original River Flows In You by Yiruma.
Maybe you have a different song in mind. It definitely does sound like Yiruma's. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7maJOI3QMu0)
So beautiful, and I can actually play this on my flute!
This song is sooooooo pretty!!!!
Does anybody have the same music sheet with fingering? Much thanks in advance.
Anybody has the same music sheet with fingering? Much thanks in advance.
Yeah I’m a Noob in piano. But I learn slowly.
Everything in life takes practice. Every professional pianist in this world had a point in life when they knew nothing about music. :)
Grammar check: I'm 11 and I can play this. It's easy.
I'm 10 and I play it too. What grd are you? I'm grade 4.
Why are you comparing ages???
i like ur grammar its exactly like mine ;)
Correct grammar: I'm eleven and I can play this. it's easy.
Correct grammar: I'm eleven, and I can play this. It's easy.
Wrong, Hachi Gambate! Wrong, AwezomeGLD! Hachi, there is no comma after the eleven and nor did AwezomeGLD put a capital letter for "it's". Besides, don't call it easy; some people are just beginning to play piano (not that I don't know). By the way, don't try to argue with me since I'm the best roaster in the line I know. ;).
Imagine trying to one-up an eleven-year-old.
Aight buddy now focus on spelling and grammar :)
Ur actually stupid he is probably not using periods and apostrophes so it doesn't take as long
Lol way to target the eleven year old bully, keep up the good work AwezomeGLD and Brody Norris! (I know I would have done the same if you two hadn't beaten me to it :D)
Well this Arrangement is at a 2-3 grade level
pahHAHhhahHAHhahAHa oh wait u wer serious?? I thought it was obvious..
It is actually level 9 because I did it for my level 9 exam but it depends how you play it you can just play all the right notes you have to add emotion and use good articulation
What is a "level"? I only know grades. Besides, where I live, you test to see which grade you are in, not "go to a particular grade test to see whether you qualify".
oh sht what im level 4 in piano - -
No it's more of lvl 5 piano. I play level 8 and this I played in level 5.
Yeah well it's level 9 cause I did it for my level 9 exam
;D well ok understandable but weird to think that fantaisie impromptu is level 9 and river flows in you is also level 9...
Kid, get a life. This is coming from someone at Chetham's School. Google it...
Can someone tell me how to print this song off?
1. click 'download' 2. 'download as pdf' ... can someone tell the rest?
Hey, don't be rude. They might be an 80 year piano master that just doesn't know technology very well.
You press download, and then you download it as a PDF. Then, you can then search for the print button when the PDF is done downloading. And there you go!
This is such a beautiful piece, thanks for putting up on here. I've always wanted to learn it :)
Umm why does the ending sound a little odd?
Listen to my version I think it makes a little more sense (No offense, just some creative differences)
Ah crud, measure 17, is that supposed to be a C on the bass? Sounds like it should be an E...
Sounds very nice but shouldn't it be H1 instead of A1 in sections 30 and 32?
The only reason im learning this is for BamBam... Any Ahgases out there
Yep, but I'm learning it cause I love the melody of this piece