Fantasy for Four Hands, Two Left Feet, an Elbow, and an Armpit

Uploaded on Oct 27, 2013

8-4-16 fantasy for four hands, etc
5-28-16 replacing the lovely secret audobon theme with the Knught's theme
2-14/16 replacing face planting 101 with we are the secret audobon
2/9/16 replacing close encounter of the birthday kind since the party is over now and replacing with Face Planting 101
1-27-16 replacing gymnastic gymnosolitude with close encounters of the birthday kind, a tribute to John Williams, the composer
1-8-15 well, I think the silly knughts have had enough fun flouncing about so the tune is being replaced with Gymnastic Gymnosolitude
1/1/16 replaced cry for hunkle with waltz of the knights of dingledork
10-12-15 cry for hunkle replaces ghouls' nite out.

10-3-15 Ghouls' nite out for the survivor 5 competition
9-25-15 updated version of MI defenders of the earth
9-16-15 defenders of the earth, a theme similar to the avengers film music for the survivor 4 competition
9-4-2015 for the survivor contest no. 3
8-19-15 replacing "a guy named joan" with "The tale of the Duck, the DYDD, and the Dragon" for the survivor competition.
8-12-15 replacing "an end to violins" with "a guy named joan". hopefully musescore won't mess this one up too bad.
8-7-15 finally, the short lived strike by the soundfonts is over. Now on to more music with a posting of "An End to Violins"
8-3-15 blazing biscuits, the soundfonts at this site have gone on strike! What to do??
7-20-15 replacing mission dydd with space, the semifinal frontier, a silly take on tv science fiction

6-26-15 "Mission DYDD" a tune for the TV Theme contest replaces "banan, inc." which has gone bankrupt as happens to so many start up companies these days. Oh well, maybe should have gone on Shark Tank with the idea first, not.

6-19-15 replacing "I am so blue.." with "banana, inc"
5-12-15 replacing mr. death with I am so blue. If only it were so easy.

3-14-15 replacing The Chase with Mr. Death, a rather serious title for a serious composition
2/4/15 trying a new version with more piano to offset the soft soundfont of the piano, we shall see

1/31/15 replaced guess the melody with The Chase: Music for Film

This replaces the dydd signature composition. See if you can guess the names of the classical tunes in this piece just for fun.

this replaces the downy yellow dingle dork with a musical signature motif for chinadoll

7-28-2014 replaced the dydd with dyed bolero variation since the dyed song is already in another piece, the infatuated dingle dork toad etc etc
this is a variation of the dydd theme with a bolero slant but slightly unraveled, enjoy

5-27-14 new stuff

4-30-14 revised edition of the DYDD, with even more nonsense etc etc. In this version, it is a bus that brings about the final demise of the DYDD and then some guy gets thrown off the bus for playing the song etc etc. Is this bird really extinct or is it starting to take over other compositions????

A silly song for laughs and a contest entry (no.5xcb23) almost forgot to put that in, hopefully the only one so I can win.

fun joke Mussorgsky silly Weird comedy bird Bartok Nonsense silly laugh song absurd nonsense amusing piano weird instruments joke comedy LOL decomposition silliness dird dydd bolero ravel classical contest film movie blues banana mission impossible flute

Pages 11
Duration 02:21
Measures 80
Key signature natural
Parts 7
Part names Flute(2), Oboe(2), Clarinet(2), Bassoon(2), French Horn(2), Trumpet(2), Tuba, Timpani, Strings(6)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Good job Maestro Fenwig! another master piece wass created!
this reminded me way too much of Monty Python and The Holy Grail
oh my god this is so fantastic
this is better than maroon/orange. look it up its insane.
I want to see someone perform this. Like, right now. Please.
are we supposed to slap the armpit when we play, or what? cause i tried, and my elbow just doesn't want to cooperate with my armpit
ha ha ha. just keep practicing. It is a technically challenging composition, that is true. this may be why neither Vladimir Ashkenazy nor Lang Lang have attempted this piece, to my knowledge. of course, there may be other reasons.
right and left hand - no problem. But I tried to play the with bathed armpit and it doesn´t really work. Maybe my washing ritual was not long enough ? Any idea? :) :)
Nevertheless cool idea ! ;)
ha ha ha, thanks for your amusing comment
at one time, amazon sold a 'musician's adjustable armpit augmenter' that is supposed to be just for this kind of music composition, but not sure it is currently available.
Thanks for this information. I ordered two of them - for both sides. I let you know, if I get them. :)
cool percussion. Measure # 50 discovering the dingle dork is great. It´s like the rising sun.
But the very best is 0w!ow!ow! :) :) I Love your lyrics.
thank you very much Peter, I really appreciate your comments, very inspiring to more silliness on my part.
Possibly one of my favorites of your works. I could listen on a loop all day.
By the way- how do you make an entire score invisible so that when posted, all you can see is a blank page?
yeah, Richard's theme is fantastic. I often find myself humming it. It is a classic.
blank page? didn't think it was invisible. I can only say that under edit instruments, you can hide instruments so they don't show on the page.
Big Sally, the squirrel threatened to walk out of the opera unless we gave her a big coloratura in an aria. Gee, these Prima Donnas!! In her words, "Seriously! You think I am going to be upstaged by a big ugly yellow BIRD?! Seriously!!"
This work is a collaboration for the DYDD opera at https://musescore.com/groups/magic-downy-yellow-dingle-dork-opera-contest-group
Come join us. Big Sally isn't really that bad.
and by the way, if anyone is the group who is a "pro" would condescend to posting this song with the group, assuming you all think it is ok, that would be appreciated since I am just a poor musician with a limit of 5 posts on the free account. Thanks
last week, when I went to a party
a voice suddenly rang out
"A genius just walked in!"
I was SO embarrassed
everyone was looking at me
I was sorry I yelled
Shewbacca's comment was to the "Face Planting 101" song, by the way. This has since been replaced.