Chinadoll Requiem

Uploaded on Nov 13, 2013

11-7-16 chinadoll requiem
8-13-16 added Chinadoll Rubber Room
8-8-16 dydd overture
7-17-16 bbbbbanana song for the dydd opera replaces fried and crispy dydd
3-25-16 modified with more nonsense and more instruments
3-22-16 new songs for the dydd opera?? maybe
2/22/16 replacing laugh silly spam silly with the Knughts theme and seeing the DYDD in act I of the opera
2/9/16 replacing gorilla concert in C Major with Laugh Silly Spam Silly
1-25-16 replacing Sare Wars with gorilla concerto. Stare wars has had its run so it is time for gorillas.
1-9-16 well, I am tired of running in the Temple Throbbing Run, so how about another tune, Stare Wars, a take-off of Star Wars
1-1-16 replacing gorillas playing pianos with temple throbbing RUN
10-11-15 gone crazy with "gorillas playing pianos"
8-19-15 replacing the "Narwhal song" with "roly-poly elephants" in honor of international elephant day
8-13-15 replacing 4 essential ringtones with the Narwhal song for the contest
6-25-15 replacing "Waltz headbanger suite" with "four essential ringtones" for the ringtone contest
6-19-15 sigh, replacing calico cat song a favorite of mine with waltz headbanger suite
5-23-25 calico cat song replaces downy yellow brick dingle dork road
5-14-15 Downy yellow brick dingle dork road
3-14-15 march madness is replaced with The Clock
2-4-15 hope this version that was rebalanced in an attempt to compensate for the madness of musescore rascals on the internet. we shall see

1-31-15 this replaces in the library with March Madness, a song promoting the March Madness original music contest in the Laugh Silly group. come on down and enter

"my pants!", a piece that sounds awful, is now replaced by "In the Library", a programmatic composition about being in the library based on a real life situation, so exciting, no?

this composition replaces the dydd signature and hopefully plays ok since it was created with a different soundfont. oh well, we shall see

this DYDD Signature replaces the composition "I'm Decomposing all over You" which replaced the infatuated dingle dork toad etc piece because I am to cheap to pay for an account and am thus limited to 5 pieces. Anyway, this one is based on the DYDD name replacing alphabet letters with musical notes to create a composition. For anyone who is actually interested and hasn't fallen asleep thus far in reading this, the substitutions were as follows:
Assign each alphabetic letter a musical note
Odd numbers are sharp except for e and b

D o w n y y e l l o w d I n g l e d o r k
Da#b gd#d#e eea#bd eg ge e d a# d#

also the important word "banana" is transcribed musically in this piece using the following substitutions;



this replaces the infatuated dingle dork toad and the princess etc (also known as quadrapuncus banaerina4.mscz) with a new and exciting tune since I am too cheap to pay for more than the 5 tunes that musescore generously allows. the new tune is "I'm decomposing all over you" a love song on a hawaiian guitar. enjoy

more changes, almost all in the first 5 min and last 5 min of the composition. maybe will develop into a full fledged opera so hen it will be at least 3 h long

6-3-14 even more stuff, more tunes, more this, more that, more more more, greedy little bugger
5-19-14 even more improved and newer and without commercials for the time being though that would be a way to generate some revenue

5-12-14 new improved version with Nexticon, the powerful antacid relief formula

5-5-14 fixed the problem, the DDT worked!!! This new version still has remnants of the infection but hopefully it has made it a better more nonsensical composition

oh no

revised 4-29-14 with new stuff, right

Hi, it's Me. Yeah, it's me every time you get a call, "Hi, it's me, I...."
Here is a silly tune for the contest. Hope you like it.

A stupid toad falls hopelessly in love with a beautiful princess. How silly, she doesn’t even have any warts, nor is she in any way green, nor does she have webbed toes. How gross. She is sweet and kind but has no interest in living in the smelly pond and certainly not with an old ugly toad. He, however, is a fool in love, and when she leaves, returning to her handsome prince, the toad sings a sad love song and croaks alone and sad on his lily pad.
This is also submitted for the contest. Thanks

original fun orchestra joke stupid silly dumb game Grieg original composition harry potter tag symphonic fairy tale insane Bartok laugh Nonsense hobbit Humor toad Hindemith absurd stupid song piano humor silly amusing love bassoon depreciation toad

Pages 37
Duration 05:50
Measures 180
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 12
Part names Guitar
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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fun with weird sound effects and rhythms
anyone else want to pick this up and add their own winning songs to this overture so we can complete it for the opera? we are almost at the finish line, so this is no time to falter or slow down..
ok, this is my version of the dydd overture with my winning songs. now, someone else needs to add their songs to this version until we get ll the winning songs added. go for it.
Wonderful BBBBBBBB-anana-Hymn. Classic and Rock and Berceuse at the same time. :)
Catchy as catch can! Bravo!
:) :) very tasty songtext :) ;;)
and the approaching of the mighty horrible DYDD beast is the stomachache as a result of it. ;)
That´s real life !
Thank you very kindly for you comment, appreciate it greatly.
the lyrics:

Crispy fired and juicy
Take some salt
Add some cloves
Then a little butter too
You can add some wine

Blend with flour
Da da da da then you’re ready
Da da daaaa daaa to coat.

Then take a ripe
Slice it finely
and stuff the bird.


Gen tly bast for
fifty minutes
mmm! MMMM!
the dydd knughts song was moved to the dydd overure. these are maybe some new songs for the dydd opera. basically, they are daydreams of the secret audobon. the first is a daydream about a tasty dydd treat and the second is a nightmare type daydream (as if that makes sense) about a monster dydd. just for fun.
What a piece of music! I am going to rehearse that piano part.
a piece of ...what? oh, music, well thanks. appreciate your comment.
wow, if you play the piano part, can you post your performance?
I might.

Very entertaining, very funny. Escpecially when played by musescore. I wonder if this piece of... music... would work as well when performed live. Ever tested? I have to mention one thing though: listening to your... compositions... has a strange effect, afterwards all other music start to sound like parody as well. So you literally have changed my life. Thank you for that (I guess)!
thanks, only performed by electronic musicians live, yes, parodies, someone once said we live in a fictitious world, you are welcome
these are the lyrics (similar to what I already wrote or as the joke goes, what I already writ…wrote.. I mean rotten):

We three bird lovers
Met in the woods
To protect our feathered friends
We gave our pledge
A powerful pledge
That soars like a bird
A pledge that is bold
And is true and is new

We love birds
Birds birds birds birds

for we are
K for Kind, n for nice, u and g for
Unsually good and h for
Happy, t for true
And s for strong
We are k-n-u-g-h-t-s
Knewts KNEWTS knewooots

Look, in the clearing
It’s a bird
It is plain
It’s a
dingle dork
A dingle dork
A yellow downy banana loving dingle dork
A dingle dork

We should bark
We should stalk
We should chase
(Stop chasing your tail)
It’s a dingle dork
A yellow downy eve loving banana loving yellow dingle dork

It needs our protection
We should bark
We should stalk
We should chase
We should catch it
We should try
We will try

That´s life ! I love it. and the Lyrics are full of not really wanted wisdom.
That´s life ! Something happens. Someone speaks . And You ? You are wondering.
Wondering about yourself and the meaning of life. That´s it. ;-)
The Knughts are caracterized in the best way. Your music comes reluctantly, stumbling and tremendous - Knughts-like ! :) :) Bravo !!!
Act 1, the knughts' theme and the song they sing after seeing the DYDD.
another shameless promotion of the laugh silly group
Take a look at the new DYDD opera group. Should be fun.
Great! I didn't know gorillas were this dexterous. Oh, and I loved the Stare Wars, too.
thank you so much. yes, gorillas are dexterous and very clever. hope they will be around on this earth for a while longer. and thank you for the stare wars comment.
Great! Although... 'Western Lowland Chinadoll,' wow, never heard of that gorilla species.
And what happens if you do give sharps to gorillas?
a big ouchie
it hurts, might prick their finger and then they get angry
thanks for your comment
comments are welcome and appreciated.

'don't make gorillas angry, you wouldn't like them if they are angry'
'proudly beats chest while hooting loudly'
If Saint Saens included gorillas in Carnival of the Animals
good one, bada bing bada boom. thanks for the comment
gorillas rule
comments, suggestions, welcome

Well, No doubt that was hilarious.
thanks for your comment, glad you got a laugh
"A phenomena that happens to a computer's keyboard when a human being is bored to death…"
now that was silly, thanks
New improved with a new exciting laser battle, well, not that exciting, but new
Please remove this score from the group The Void. The scores posted in the group must be Void-related only.

On a completely different note, that was amazing!
and now…. in a musescore group far far away…. STARE WARS
HAHA This is hilariously true. And I was legitimately frustrated every single time it started over... Great job capturing the mood!
thanks for your great comment, appreciated
That is great and hilarious. I liked in the end the 'okay, who wants to play again?'
thanks for noticing that
appreciate your comment