a visit to the dentist

Uploaded on Dec 13, 2013

8-11-16 replaced maybe today with visit to the dentist
7-17-16 replaced gomez lament song 9 with "Maybe Tody" (song 2b)
6-26-16 replacing gomez aria (song 13) with gomez lament (song 9)
5-25-16 Since the current form of the DYDD overture can be used for the DYDD opera, it has been replaced with Gomez Aria, song 13.
3-22-16 newer version of the overture with some additional songs
2-21-16 newer version of the overture and some songs for the opera
2/13/16 lottery winnings only go so far, replaced I won the lottery with Overture to the DYDD Opera and DYDD Love Song
2/9/15 replacing it's a laugh laugh silly world with I won the lottery
1.28.16 replacing queen of the night birthday aria with It's a Laugh Laugh Silly World

1-15-16 replacing silly symphony with a happy birthday aria to celebrate Mozart's birthday on Jan 27 and also as part of the Laugh Silly contest of inserting the birthday theme into well known music
1/1/16 replaced the music box waltz with silly symphony
10-5-15 Music Box Waltz in F# Major for the Jeopardy competition

6-25-15 replacing sugarpuss babycakes and then some with "The Miraculous Marimba" for the marimba contest

6-15-15 "sugarpuss babycakes and then some" replaces "Pacificus Sea Scrolls"
5-14-15 DYDD alert Pacificus Sea Scrolls
2-11-15 replaced IRS Tax form 6465 with a revision containing only 2 pianos since the 4 pianos drowned out the other parts. hope this works better.

2-10-15 due to the phenomenal success of quadratic love song, this has been replaced with IRS tax for 6454, just in time for tax season

1-31-15 this replaces anoria annoyed with Qaudratic love song, a love song to the wonderful quadratic equation, math especially algebra, is so much fun

Nov 18, 2064
I have removed Hip Hop Handel. It has had a good run and all things must come to an end so now this new tune, Anoria Annoye is for entry into Rockn's new 'annoy me' contest.

this is for entry into the contest. I hear someone is giving away one million dollars. Not in this contest but there must be somewhere that is happening. Maybe on Wheel of Fortune but only if you do a bunch of things right and get lucky and if the sponsors like you and if Pat is having a good day and anyway, here is hip hop handel a silly tune a most stupid tune, a tune to make you laugh. If you don't, Uncle Tony will come after you and break your funny bone, ya got it, ya talking to me, ya talking to me, huh punk?

lyrics song silly symphonic Parody laugh Nonsense Humor absurd silly stupid humor laugh parody Handel Elvis Christmas music original composition joke water music outrageous organ electric guitar timpani nobel prize in tiddlywinks decomposition nonsese

Pages 12
Duration 01:03
Measures 45
Key signature natural
Parts 3
Part names Violin, Clarinet(2), Soprano Saxophone, Other Woodwinds(2), Tuba, Oboe, Sound effects(3), Bagpipe, Synthesizer
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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dental floss might help remove some of that crust
This is the best piece I've ever heard in my life.
thanks bernie, hope you run again for prez
You have awakened my greatest fears. But it was still worth listening to it.
yeah, I hate going to the dentist, but at least I can think of this tune now when I go and giggle a little, thanks for your comment
I'm not quite dead (as Monty Python would say), just doing other fun things. Thanks for asking. Actually, that is quite a perplexing question that you ask....
How can you be sure though What if someone has stolen your identity
THIS IS MY FAVORITE PIECE ON THIS WEBSITE i sent the link to my bf bc he's afraid of the dentist and he said that this was a Big Mood nicely done
thanks very kindly for such a nice comment. I have been away a while from musescore doing other fun things. though my answer is very late, I appreciate your comment.
I have no words, this is a masterpiece :0
*chokes to death*


Just a note to let you know that its time for your check up.and no weaselling out.!
This makes me what to go to the dentist...my teeth hurt.
In the words of JanTran

*holds up judge's card* "Teeean"
no I mean your dentist.....putting up with you.!
the dentist is nasty and a sadist. He enjoys inflicting pain. incidentally, I gave him your name. listen for the drill in the middle of the night, it's coming for you.
and no, the dentist was not working on me, this was written for a friend
if I write a followup "dental drill" song, I will be sure to think of you...
a visit to the dentist, a most silly and painful composition
Beautiful! I love the mood. Very well done.
Beautiful, heartfelt, it seems melancholy is yellow...
thanks, my muse decided to go for sad rather than silly, go figure...
"a fesh new start !" :) Most I like is the calm part from #61 to the end - very thoughtful.
thanks for your comment, appreciated
my entry for song 2b of the DYDD Opera.
the lyrics are:
There’s a scent in the breeze
A feeling that hope abounds

Maybe today, is a new beginning
A fresh new hope, the slate is clean
I sense a change in the air
The woods are so serene

Soft the light begins to fade
I hear your cawing from a far
Sweeter than bananas
she is yellow feathered, my golden star.

Maybe today, our paths will meet
If it should happen, what would I say?
Would I be silly like a fool?
What if you then went away?

I’d like to think
Our eyes will meet
Out hearts will beat
Then we’ll know

There’s a scent in the breeze
A feeling that hope abounds

Maybe today, is a new beginning
A fresh new hope, the slate is clean
I sense a change in the air
The woods are so serene
here are the lyrics:

I nearly was a Knught
but they all laughed at me
Said I was too small.
They all picked on me

Well now, I’m with my own kind
I am telling you no lies,
The rats and squirrels and weasels
are closer to my size

I coulda I shoulda
I woulda been a Knught

I tried to be a knught
But they all teased me bad
I couldn’t seem to fit in
And it made me feel so sad.

Even all the silly birds
weren't afraid of me.
So then I ran away.
And then I could be free

I coulda I shoulda
I woulda been a Knught

But Luckiy Bi Sally
Agreed to take me in
gave him food and
Even tucked me in

I finally felt at home
With those who felt the same
The outcasts of this life
We’re feral, never tame

I coulda I shoulda
I woulda been a Knught

Big sally is the boss
With each and every plan
Orders all of us all around
I’m with this secret clan

Now, I do all her bidding
A real member of her group
A hater of all birdies
I’ll cook that Dingle Dork in a tasty soup

I coulda I shoulda
I woulda been a Knught

I coulda I shoulda…
Eh, who wants to be a
Silly old ridiculous feather brained bird lovin’
a new entry for the DYDD opera, song 9.
need to work on balance again again again....
should get it right by tomorrow.
End of dog days ! Howl! :) :)
Spanish Intro. I love it! Beautiful melancholic melody and the lyrics are authentical. Guitar, Piano and oboe - there is no need for more. Wonderful song brimmed with beautiful ideas.
Love it. I make a download before something new acquires this position. ;)
thank you kindly for your comment, appreciated greatly.
downy yellow dingle dork. this is a nearly extinct bird that loves bananas. an opera is being written about it. https://musescore.com/groups/magic-downy-yellow-dingle-dork-opera-contest-group