There Was a Time

Uploaded on Jan 3, 2014

7-18-16 replacing DYDD Opera Doldrums with "There was a time" a sad/happy tune with lyrics
6-13-16 replacing adventures of chinadoll with dydd opera doldrums
3-25-16 update on adventures with oriign of life section.
3-22-16 replaced the suite and monologues with adventures of chinadoll
3-15-16 replacing gomez aria (now in the dydd overture) with chinadoll's suite and monlogues
2-19-16 replacing laugh silly nonsense (what else?) with Gomez Aria from Act III
2-7-16 replacing gymnosolitude, so quiet and peaceful with laugh silly nonsense. I know, I am sad to see it go also. wah!
2-2-16 replacing gymnosolitude waltz with gymnosolitude, so quiet and peaceful
1-29-16 replacing reflections with laugh silly gymnosolitude waltz
1-11-15 replacing superdog with reflections
1/1/16 replacing just a sad little tune with super dog
10-7-15 replacing "journey of the paratarsotomus macropalpis" with "just a sad little tune". I know it doesn't make sense this sad song being posted at a group called 'laugh silly', but is a strange way it is kind of funny and of course, the only way to really know what is silly and funny is by what is really sad and serious and ...so enough of philosophical mumbo jumbo, it is posted here because I felt like it and that is all there is to it.
8-21-15 replaced my spike jones take-off with the journey of the paratarsotomus macropalpis for the fastest piece contest.
8-12-15 ok, I have had enough with the worst orchestra piece and am catching too much flack from the other chinadolls not to mention (even though I am mentioning right now) possibly irritating the soundfonts so that they go back on strike. so am substituting a better horrible piece, the spike jones like take-off on "A Time to Say Goodbye"
8-10-15 here is my 'worst orchestra piece' for the contest started by LucasHMusic.
6-25-15 replacing "The toad and the Princess" with "one hundred notes to play" for the contest.
6-18-15 at the kind request of a Laugh Silly member, the song entitled "The Toad and the Princess" (also named quadrapuncus & Bananerina") has been reposted. This is the shortened version of about 35 minutes in length. The longer version is a little over an hour long.
6-9-15 Name That Tune Contest replaces "Plight of the Refugees", the number of comments was just too overwhelming and causing my system to crash repeatedly
5-22-15 replacing DYDD (you have suffered enough) with the Plight of the Refugees
5-8-15 Today, for a limited time only, Back by Popular Demand, "The Downy Yellow Dingle Dork." Yes, the famous song that started it all so long ago. The song that has become the rallying cry, even, some would say, the anthem for the Secret DYDD Search Society (well, I guess it isn't a secret now). So download it now because soon it will be gone again, disappearing (in shame, embarrassment, and humiliation to music lovers everywhere) into the ancient DYDD archives, but living on in the hearts of all who listen and search for the missing DYDD.

Since it is Mad March, I plan on posting a new and different (but not necessarily better) tune each week (and none of them is a march actually). The first is "where are you bobby d." What is planned next is "how to paint a pretty picture", "we apologize", and the "famous one note joke symphony." The smorgasborge will likely return in April, or not.

Jan 14, 2015 This piece replaces the Turkey piece. It is an entry for Shewbacca's contest.It is meant to pretend to be about Victor Borge giving a concert in Texas. A number of classical melodies are in the piece. For humorous effect (hopefully), there is a Texas tune stuck in his head so the classical melodies tend to morph into this "Yellow Rose of Texas" song. Also, a bit of other Texas style tunes are in there. Try to guess the names and composers of the classical tunes. I will post the answers in about a month.

November 12, 3014
Replaced Ding Dong Thong (it has suffered enough) with Turkey's Revenge since we in the states are so close to the national holiday of gluttony called Thanksgiving. Hope you enjoy it and give me suggestions for improvement. This was written using the Generaluser GS musescore v1.522.sf2 so it will sound a little different here with the TimGM6mb.sf2 but that can't be helped. Maybe it sounds better, who knows.
Here is a silly poem that may go with the composition"

One November while I walked
Deep within the wood
I heard a gobble gobble sound
And so I quietly stood

There I saw it in my path
Large and grey and angry
this feathered beast clucked a warning
its angry eye on me

its needle talons raked the gravel
its sharp beak snapped like a chopping blade
even its feathers were like quills
I was never more afraid

this could have been the fearless bird
of the proud American nation
but what have I done to offend this bird
I thought in utter frustration

suddenly it flew at me
I barely dodged away blind
Feathers filling all the air around me
I raced with it snapping behind

I leaped in my tent and it cawed in fury
beating its wings upon
the walls of my safe haven where I
Now an a confirmed vegetarian

May 5, 2014
The DDT treatments worked. We are back to the famous DDT. Hooray

April 30, 2014 newly revised version, since we are too cheap to pay for posting more than 5 compositions, then the alternative is to append new compositions onto the 5 already here. who cares?

Enter this in the contest. This starts as an original composition, composed around Christmas time, maybe sounding a little serious. The repeating notes suggest a 'bell' tolling to me, hence 'ding dong'. 'thong' is just a lisped version of 'song.' just for the humor of it, providing you see the humor in it. Ok, I know it is not funny to make fun of people who lisp but some of our greatest composers have had this problem, just think of Franz Lisp. Ok, not funny. Anyway, the piece then goes to another Christmas song although this is actually an after Christmas song. It occurred to me that we have more than enough, way too many actually, Christmas songs but no (I repeat NO) after Christmas songs. This is totally unexplored territory, a potential gold mind for music writers. Just think of the possibilities. In this case, the song is "365 Days 'til Christmas" sort of a modified, "It's beginning to look alot like...." You get the idea. We then close with a rousing and fun Bossa nova rendition of "O Sole Mio" entitled 'O Sole Brother Mio', kind of a tribute to Pavarotti. (Tribute or unintended insult, whichever way you want to see it).

Christmas song silly bird amusing Nonsense absurd funny fun silly joke humor original composition nonsense decomposition depreciation music decomposition thanksgiving turkey horror revenge painting DYDD sick joke fun laugh contest name that tune toad

Pages 22
Duration 03:50
Measures 85
Key signature natural
Parts 6
Part names Strings, Harp, Percussion, Timpani, French Horn, Trumpet, Tuba, Flute, English Horn, Bassoon, Tenor Saxophone, Sound effects, Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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I like very much this piece. It's very pretty, full of harmony and love. I'd like to know what the last measures say, I mean the lyrics in the last few measures. Thanks!
"I'll not be lonely, may you find joy in all your lifetime, I know I will in mine"
oh my god im an opera singer but man thats high. pretty, tho
suggestion? transposition down how much? what is an appropriate range? thanks for your comment
WOAH! That was absolutely gorgeous. Perhaps my favorite work from you! Very, very well done!
thanks, appreciated, your comment means alot
That´s a whole opera ! :) without Libretto? It´s a ballet. ;)
In the middle a very nice waltz theme. And in 12min 30sec the Mozart-shadow has you touched lightly. ;)
I would like to help a little bit . But writing just four sentences - I need days. I would be a bad volunteer.
I like the way how you instruments combines and sometimes a little bit torments. Always for a worthy cause. :)
yes, a whole opera, I agree, it is too long for adding onto what we have, I think.... thank you very kindly for listening and for your nice reply. glad you noticed the Mozart bit. There are a few other bits by other classic composers. I must admit, the basic idea of the waltz theme is stolen from Puccini's Tosca, couldn't help myself, I love Puccini's theme that, because it is so lovely sounding, feels strange to me in so much tragedy of the opera.
maybe it is better to stick with the 16 song sets already posted and any additional entries to unjudged songs that members post up to the end of this month (if that makes sense). Then we can get to the final judging. thanks.
;) I agree. I had much fun listening to it. :)
the first part, the 'doldrums' is not actually intended to be part of the opera and there are no lyrics for this part.

would anyone be willing to help figure out some lyrics for the 'resolution and happy ending' part?
Ok, I am obsessed with the DYDD Opera. I wrote more songs but haven't figured out lyrics yet. Some of it may not sound very happy, likely because I watched a performance of Tosca while this was being composed. but it does seem to end on a happy note. maybe the opera is too long now, anyway, it was fun to write the music whether it gets into the opera here or not. does anyone have any other songs to add?
This is so creative and intricate! I like it a lot!
thank you for your kind comment, appreciate it.
It's barely 4 minutes. That's pretty average if you ask me...
thank you for your illuminating comment.
You really should get this published.
you mean and make oodles of money off of it? right. but, thanks for your kind and encouraging remark.
Remove the tags that say worst, nonsense, and I don't understand: waltz?
these are old tags since I keep replacing the songs with new ones. there was once a waltz here. I am reluctant to replace the tags because of the warning about 'not removing the tag under penalty of law' or maybe that is only on mattresses? anyway, thanks for the comment.
Unbelievable-this is absolutely amazing!
thank you kindly for your comment, I appreciate it greatly
interesting how you conceived this - good job
Modifications, an addition. Part 2, the origin of life.
So, this was inspired by Darius Mihaud's incredibly brilliant work, "La Creatio du Monde"
Partly, yes, you can hear the influence in the jazzy sax part
Of course, as always, the online musescore seems to mess up the balance
Have you noticed that with the new musescore version 2, some instrument sounds fail to export in the wav or MP3?
I haven't noticed. Maybe it's because i'm so bad at composing and I never have alot of notes in my pieces! LOL
possibly have fixed this problem by clicking "save to score" in the synthesizer window. did that sound like I knew what I was talking about or was that just computer babble?
Yeah, a pain. Works ok with the old version though. No idea why, except that as usual every improvement results in new problems. I think software folk keep themselves employed this way, always needing a newer version to correct problems with the older version ad infininitum
this replaces the chinadoll suite and monologue with the "adventures of chinadoll: part 1, the creation of the world." it is just a fun silly composition. ok, you can tell the truth, and let me know, I will just keep on recklessly composing nonsense and silliness.
maybe I will post the suite and monologue to soundcloud.
Bang ! The Monologue is great! Great music, a handful silly and
for a few dollars more: a kind of horror.
But the nicest sort of mystery-horror I ever heard ! And in the final credits our names.
Thank you a lot. It´s more than a pleasure to do silly works with you. ;-)

P.S. the second part of an allemande is 3/4 and mostly fast. And so I think the tempo is alright to preserve the character of the allemande.
Thank you very kindly, wasn't sure anyone would be patient enough to sit through the whole thing but you did and I really appreciate it. Glad you noticed all the names in the lyrics, that was fun.
I will look again at the allemande with your advice in mind. I have never written a "suite" before so was trying to learn how to do it properly. Thanks :)
moved the gomez aria to the DYDD overture in the opera group https://musescore.com/user/127542/scores/148551
these two original compositions, chinadoll's suite and the chinadoll monologues, are just some fun pieces I have been playing with. the first is semi serious put together as a traditional suite for piano. the second is a rock/rap piece just for some ludicrous fun (and to commemorate the upcoming April 18th international laugh silly day). hope you enjoy both. any comments are welcome. thanks.
I love it, but I think I like it a bit better slow. I tried it at about 60 and I really like it at that tempo. Just my preference.
ok, thanks for the helpful suggestion, I will listen to it a little slower, just didnt want anyone getting bored and falling asleep listening. maybe I will compromise and have the first part slow and then speed it up later.... always good to hear constructive feedback, thanks
I think that's good. The beginning was at a good tempo, but I felt it was a bit rushed from m. 24. I think you could slow it a bit there.