Whale's Lullaby

Uploaded on Nov 10, 2014

11-7-16 whale's lullaby added
10-28-16 added DYDD such a nasty bird!
8-11-16 replaced reflections upon a small tempestuous planet with the epic adventures of thamus piddlewood beene of the shire
7-18-16 replacing Felina to Gomez Aria with "Reflections upon a small tempestuous planet in cold dark space"
2/24/16 added Felina to Gomez Aria
2/22/16 replacing Banana song with Secret Audobon/Knughts confrontation song
2/15/16 replacing chinadoll syndrome with the DYDD banana song for the opera
2-2-16 replacing musical chairs with the Chinadoll Syndrome
1-24-2016 replaced laugh hard and laugh silly with musical chairs competition
1-9-16 ok, enough of new year promises, now on to "Laugh Hard and Silly" soon to be a classic.
1-1-16 replacing christmas 2/4 time with 2016 promises, time marches on...
12-16-15 replacing concerto extravaganto, my fingers were tired, with Christmas 2/4 Time, a silly Christmas tune just in time for the season
9-8-15 replaced anthem with concerto extravaganto
8-7-15 well, I hate to replace "a fishy piece" but here is anthem to bellybutton lint for the anthem contest
7-20-15 replacing face melting horn and piano with scales, a fishy piece/what happens when cats play the piano
6-30-15 replacing "song to endangered birds" that has apparently now become extinct with "the mythic face-melting horn beast" that maybe contributed to the extinction process.

6-18-15 song to endangered birds replaces ukulele dawn

5-22-15 replacing DYDD yellow dingle dork road with ukulele dawn
5-14-15 DYDD alert DYDD in G flat
3-10-15 replacing octopi waltz with skeleton dance, a little Halloween music
Feb 12 2015 replaces the broken record, which was broken anyway, with octopi, a string symphonic work meant to suggest octopi dancing in the ocean's depths. this also advertises the "laugh silly" waltz contest going on now, so submit your entries. thanks

Feb 1 205 The broken record replaces "I resolve in 2015", and why not, broke all the resolutions already anyway.

Jan 2, 2015
replace Timpanani with a new year song. hope you like it.

this is an original composition for 10 timpani. it is of course not intended to be played by human timpani players and is just some fun to see if an interesting sound can be gotten using a lot of timpani.

timani silly fun nonsense laugh original composition piano new year 2015 piano new year 2015 strings orchestra waltz Halloween ukelele extinct birds face melting horn french horn face-melting anthem satire parody bizarre humor lint christmas holiday

Pages 7
Duration 01:35
Measures 44
Key signature natural
Parts 7
Part names Timpani(10)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Wha.. This is actually pretty damn epic...

Very Whaley... Wonderful! I love it!
I heard the whales singing ! ! ! Great piece . And in addition with the pictures it works like a ballet. Very good setting of musical effects. Powerful and impressive. Thank you for this !
thank you Peter, kind of you to say. appreciate your comments. still working on a video for the dydd opera?
I´m not firm with graphics. But DYDD isn´t over for me. The main problem for me is the vocal version. living pictures and living voices would be the best. :)
true. even if we could find some folks with great operatic voices, could we induce them to wear the funny dydd costumes?
maybe we could. after all, someone once got a whole musical company to wear cat costumes
:) :) This would be funny. We have to engage the "Cats"-Company and " I´m waiting" is the new "Memories" ;)
posted The DYDD- Such a Nasty Bird!
This piece has nothing to do with the elections in the U.S.
(Why not lie? Seems to be the trend these days.)
Yet another failure you have composed.

A failure to disappoint.

(In case I wasn't clear, you did gud)
thank you kindly, very cleverly and humorously put, too.
Beautiful beginning of the melody. The atmosphere is in a similar way like "Tomorrow belongs to me" from Cabaret. And truely Beene is a great hero - he changes the drab monotony of eyeryday life into a colourful adventure. Maybe some Hobbits are thinking about that a little bit different. ;) Nice Lyrics with a beautiful suitable music. :)
lyrics for this silly song:

Beside the great Misty Mountains green,
lived the hobbit Thamus Piddlewood Beene,

related to the Brandywise clan,
a distant cousin of Tooks and man.

The bravest of the brave was he
yet humble so remarkably.

This amazing tale can now be told
far and wide to young and old.

One magic morn' young Thamus found
in his cereal box a ring so round.

“My precious jewel,” he thought, “Incredible!”
“When worn, I'll surely be invisible.”

The hobbits knew it was a toy
but then they hardly cared about that boy.

The wizard rode in and ignored him, too.
Then dark times came and ill winds blew.

And when wraiths filled the shire with dread,
brave Thamus hid beneath his bed.

When hobbits went off to fight the orcs,
he stayed at home and changed his shorts.

And when the eye of Sauron looked his way,
he hid his head and fainted dead away.

So what adventures had he led?
He battled the dust bunnies beneath his bed!

He dared to have a midnight snack!
And in the dark, gave his pillows a whack!

When he got a splinter, oh my!
No tear appeared within his eye!

He rode the pony at the fair
and didn't throw up or even need fresh air.

Bravest of the brave was Beene!
The truest hero we've ever seen!
Very, very, very, VEEEERRRRRYYYYY good!!!!
That was fantastic! Perfect for an opera!
thank you, appreciate it, kind of you to say
I just figured out that the incidental music here might work as theme music for the baby DYDD chicks at the end of the opera. any thoughts?
forgot to mention, for those who still do not know, this music is for the fantastic, amazing, unprecedented (let me get my Thesaurus out for more adjectives) Downy Yellow Dingle Dork Opera that is being written by the DYDD Opera Group at https://musescore.com/groups/magic-downy-yellow-dingle-dork-opera-contest-group
Come and join the fun!
Felina's plea to Gomez, song 16
some incidental music
and the Secret Audobon vs Knughts confrontation, song 8
There are the lyrics for song 16:

Gomez, I know you havent been treated fairly
But. Am pleading with you to look into your heart and see what is right and true. I am begging you to help us because..

We were wrong
I was wrong
Should’nt have made fun of you

Remember when
You loved birds
And you were a knught just like us

We would sit and watch the birds and
Then we’d chase them all around and then we’d laugh
Wasn’t it so grand when we were knughts

This secret group
It is wrong
It is full of hate and hurt

It is cruel
it is sad
You are better than all that

I promise you
We'll be kind
And i'll take care of you

You'll be spoiled
My special pet
But like the king of all canines

Please gomez
Do waht's right
Do not let them kill these birds

This is more
Than hurt pride
Is is all about saving lives

I feel your pain
In your heart
know how sorry i am

Please gomez please gomez please gomez
(She goes into a coloratura and big sally meanwhile holds her nose and gives a thumbs down)
Do what's right
well, I guess it is mostly sound effects, hopefully bit amusing, anyway. anyone is welcome to improve on it or offer suggestions, thanks.
If you want to hear the Banana Song for the opera, you will have to go to https://musescore.com/user/127542/scores/148551 because I have run out of space.
The lyrics for this song, the confrontation between the Secret Audobon and Knughts in Act II are as follows:
(The two groups enter at opposite ends of the stage and see each other.)
(SA) Who are you?
(K) We are the loyal good and honored knughts
(SA) Newts? You don’t look like newts, your too big
(K) Not newts but knewts, we are those who love birds and who have vowed to protect them

(K) What? and who are you
(SA) We aren’t allowed to say. It’s a secret
(K) Whats a secret?
(SA) That we are the secret audobon, oops (moron!)
(K) The secret audobon? Those who vow to destroy birds and especially the renowned and famous and eceedlingly rare dydd?
(both) Then we are mortal enemies
(SA) Youre a bunch of lousy bird huggers, is what you are
(K) Names will not harm us, rodents

Grrr! Grrr!
(They circle each other menacingly)

Now this is getting personal
Nor is it quite logical

Bird huggers
ratty buggers
Hynie sniffers
Rodent wigglers

Grrr! Grrr!
We are mortal enemies
Go back home to your mommies

Newt nuts
‘Fraidy chickens
Guinea piggens

Now this is getting personal
This is really infantile

Feather heads
Wetty beds
Slobber jaw
Bucktooth maw

This is really personal
Soon this will get physical

I only listened to this once and I already know I'll be singing it for a few days at least. It has a delicious chinadoll meets Mozart feel to it. Hmm... I wonder if Mozart liked bananas.
Haha! Pa pa pa papagena - b b b b b b b banana!
thanks for the compliment. yes, you are right, I was thinking of Mozart's "Magic Flute" and the Papageno/Papagena song that was so delightfully fun. Glad you liked it. Maybe the male and female should do something similar in their duet in Act III….. I am sure Mozart would not mind
Oh that looks just nasty on the ipad
Well, the Chinadoll Syndrome is gone for now (but no, we haven't been cured by a long shot)
Replacing it is a song for the DYDD Opera. Here is the "Banana Song" that the DYDD sings in Act I right after his famous entrance song. The storyline says that he sings his theme and then starts eating bananas and falls asleep. I envision that while he is eating, he sings this silly fun song. While he sings, he is having fun with the bananas, playing sword fighting or playing the flute or conducting an orchestra or making them fly, or maybe even juggling? While he is doing this, members of the Secret Audobon secretly are watching and making faces and indicating to each other that this bird is really crazy. At the end of the song, the DYDD falls asleep, snoring gently and then it is time for the Secret Audobon to try to catch him…. if they can. Find out more and see the opera being composed at https://musescore.com/groups/magic-downy-yellow-dingle-dork-opera-contest-group
Better yet, come join us and have some fun writing the opera or making suggestions or anything you can. See you there. Bring some laughs.
WHAT THE HECK DID I LISTEN TO! Forgive me, I'm usually used to more comforting pieces from you, Chinadoll! :-P

But seriously, that was awesome! :-D

- The Aristocratic Eagle!
"comforting?" I must be doing something wrong.
Thank you for the comment. You get 50 gold stars. (have no idea, just felt like giving them out for some reason.) Hey, I like that picture next to your name, funny.
kind of you to say. thanks so much.
thank you very much for your comment, much appreciated
Knew it was going to be good as soon as I saw the title, great work once again.
thanks for your great comment. next time, I will just do a title, then I won't have to work on the music
Wow, I thought the part at the end was a knock on the door for a minute!
The Chinadoll Syndrome a new terrifying film about a cataclysmic musical meltdown.
Downy Yellow Dingle Dork added a few bars to the musical chair competition at https://musescore.com/user/266756/scores/1151771#comment-1813256 so that is the version that should be added to. I will remove mine for now.
hey, is anybody going to add to this? it's a nice tune.
once someone adds their own music, you can add more so there is no limit to how many times you add to the music.

terachet.rojrachsombat can even add more to it
(is there an echo in here or is it just me?)
if not, I will just declare terachet.rojrachsombat the winner and move on from there.

(that's always the strategy. even in defeat, declare victory and move on, it works)