Ultimate Video Game Medley - (For your listening pleasure!)

Uploaded on Nov 1, 2015

Less instruments but MORE GAMES! I like this one a lot better than the first! Most games are veterans from the last song, and there are some newcomers! I hope you guys like it!

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Pages 58
Duration 04:37
Measures 172
Key signature natural
Parts 9
Part names Trumpet, Percussion(3), Flute, Tenor Saxophone, Bass, Clarinet, Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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o ma god thx 4 this so much add more pls or make a movie/ tv show one
Where is...Umm...Nevermind. It's already there. Well then where is...Oh, that's there too. I CAN'T FIND ANY FAULTS WITH THIS. AAAAAAAAAAA!
and terraria! and starfox?! and plants vs. zombies?!?!? you're now my favorite musescorian(it's a word i just made up... so deal with it.
you should change your name to Sarah_Palin
even geometry dash? amazing, even if it was only stereo madness XD
Awesome! You even added Geometry Dash!
There are no words to describe how incredible this is!
You go though the whole history of gaming in music. 🎶 🎮🎼🎹
Amazing. This is literally the description of awesome.
Again, you impress me with amazing work. I loved the last game medley you did too.
Angry birds is such a good one that you did
After Last of Us there can be a great transition to the Geralt of Rivia theme.
Woah... This is really good. It would be cool if you made Mortal Kombat a little longer though.
Very good but it would have been better if you snuck in the animal crossing theme somewhere :)
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,also etc..
Well, I can officially say this is one of the few things that I actually have enjoyed quite a lot on this site (no disgrace to you other makers, this is just AMAZING)! 10/10 for sure!
This is just.... AMAZING!!! i started gaming around 2008 so angry birds, PvZ,Portal and mine craft are my child hood. p.s mine craft was made in 2009 but not released for the full update until 2011 (yep I'm a hardcore mine craft) (But not anymore, I'm more of a pokemon and nintendo fan)
could you add the overwatch theme and csgo menu theme?
I guess... I'm not a fan of undertale though
Nice! I laughed when FNAF started it was just so unexpected. Also, i think instead of Undertale's main theme, Bonetrousle would have fit in better. Other than that, great job! Especially on the Fallout and the TF2!
Thank you! Personally, I don't really care for Undertale, it was just popular demand.
Yeah. I understand not everyone cares for the same things. Keep up the work though!