Mario Medley - (Nintendo Medleys #1) ADDED SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY

Uploaded on Jul 28, 2016

I'm putting together a book of Nintendo medleys, and this is the first one! (and yes, this means I am making a piano medley for each Nintendo franchise!) #2 May or may not be about bananas and monkeys ;)

nintendo medleys 1 mario luigi metroidmckay

Pages 6
Duration 03:39
Measures 128
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Fantastic, wonderful job MetroidfMcKay!! I always love to listen to your version of Nintendo's wonderful songs. Makes my day. :) :)
Fantastic ! Wonderful work. I really appreciate listening to it... :)
Great job! Would you mind me creating a brass arrangement out of this?
No worries, just make sure you credit me and send a link to the finished work so I can see it.
Thank you so much! Here is the link to my version of this beauty: https://musescore.com/user/10804346/scores/5301261
This is THE BEST MEDLEY EVER. One thing though, is there any way to make the transition to super mario odyssey smooth like the other? Please let me know if there is. Currently it kind of seems like you copy pasted it to the end. I am a big fan of yours by the way.
nice could u make music for all worlds in mario odyssey
SERIOUSLY what kind of MuseScorer has 6 pages just for comments on his scores!
This is one of THE BEST compilations I've heard. Do you think you could possibly do a Zelda compilation?
I've been looking for a challenge! and this is definitely a good one lol Exited to learn it Expected Learn time the opposite of short
Any Chance you will do a mariokart medley?
I love this, I hum it all the time lol. By any chance do you any more melodies like this?
Probably one of my favorite songs on Musescore. couldn't hit that follow button fast enough!
I'm not a too big fan of medleys, but the sheer length and variety of this piece really amazed me. Favoriting
Well done! This is a great melody except when the songs like double dash and Yoshi's Island are only in for a few measures so you cant really get it to it well but otherwise this is epic.
This medley is amazing. It's going to take me a year to learn, but it's still super good.
Everything is so smooth. Love the ending!
Nice. I admire your time and dedication!
Please add super Mario land, it's a suggestion not an order. ☹️
Great arrangement! Though, there are some things I feel you missed. I feel that Super Mario Land on the Gameboy should be added since it was the first handheld Mario game, and Super Mario Maker could be added. Also, there is a pick-up missing in measure 85 during Gusty Garden Galaxy. There are four sixteenth notes going up the scale right before measure 86 in the original song. Hope that I helped!
Thanks, but I wrote it in a specific way. Please don’t tell me what to put in MY arrangement!
This is such amazing work, so amazing that I was wondering if I may record a video of it playing in Synthesia and uploading to my Synthesia channel? Credit to you and all will be in the description of the video of course. :D
so amazing! I wish I was good enough to learn this because of how incredible it is! Bravo!
The transition from Odyssey to the end is especially good, imo.
I'm gonna try and learn this. I will bring it into school and when it's music class, she can help me learn it!
Very quickly, I'd just like to say that you're the 4th coolest person that I know. Thank you for making music like this.
holy shit... HOW LONG DID THIS TAKE ;-;