Super Smash Bros. Medley (Nintendo Medley's #10)

Uploaded on Oct 16, 2016

My mains are Samus, Diddy Kong, Mega Man, Peach and Villager. The next medley may or may not have to do with children with extra sensory powers and monkeys named Salsa.

smash bros super smash bros. melee wiiu 3ds brawl nintendo piano medley 10 metroidmckay

Pages 3
Duration 01:44
Measures 65
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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License None (All rights reserved)
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I use Bowser literally every time and I get teamed up on because of that, but I still whoop their butts!
I main marth and spam side smash. its stupid but overpowered
Cool! I main Mario, Cloud, and Diddy. I mostly use Mario to just piss people off ;)
wow i didn't know someone else mains so many people besides me. :) I main Ness, Rosalina, Cloud, 0 suit, and Darkpit. Occasionally I use Rob and Robin
Smash Wii U i main just about everybody, except for wario. Forget wario.
Smash Wii U, my mains are mii swordfighter, Robot Operating Buddy (R.O.B.), and Meta knight.
I am standing with my jaw dropped in awe right now
Ness is my main. PK Fire then down choke is what I consider my "signature" because I do it 3 times a round or so and then everyone hates me after ^-^
Thanks! It's nice... for me :D. My friends don't really appreciate it.
Does anyone else still play smash 64?
Hey, do you think you could do the WiiU and 3ds Theme fully sometime? On piano?
On Brawl, I main Marth and on Sma4sh, I main Roy and Bayonetta.
Call me crazy, but I main with Wii Fit Trainer in 3DS and Wii U. Also, good medley! (And just to prove I'm NOT crazy, in Brawl I main as Zelda.)
On 3ds I main ganondorf, on WiiU I main Zelda, Kirby, and Shiek.
Whoever gave gannondorf his death punch obviously was in an evil mood.
Yes. I give Gannondorf half damage and half speed on 3ds so he's faster and more powerful and he WRECKS
even though I hate his playstyle gannondorf is over powered. One shoted a bowser. >:)
Greninja main in the newer games. Brawl was Pit who's angel ring was overpowered
I main pretty much everyone (events I tell you. They change a person....) but besides that, Love the piece!
My Mains are Link, Toon Link, Mario, Little Mac, and Fox, and I'm super excited for the Switch version to come out!!!!!
Very Good !
You used the best chords! :D
lucas mewtwo marth and roy are my mains
kirby and jigglypuff but i still play 64 who still plays 64
You can call me gross all you want, but I main Cloud and Samus.
My main is Zelda/Shiek or Pikachu (yes I still play the old Wii version where Zelda and Shiek are one character)
My mains are Lucas and Ness, because they are pretty similar and VERY cheap >:D btw great medley, I love it
imagine overwatch in smash XD that would be broken
but it would be too op. think about bastion. he can become turret while never getting hit off cuz he stays in place(they could delete that ability tho)
Does anyone else have Wario as their only main smasher?
I love this song, but sadly, I'm not able to play it because its not on my skill level, but i would look forward to play it it the upcoming year