Nintendo Switch Medley

Uploaded on Jun 19, 2017

In celebration of a solid Nintendo E3 presence, here's a medley of some games from their newest system, the Nintendo Switch! Few things:
1. This song features 4 songs: the main theme of ARMS, "Jump Up, Super Star" from Mario Odyssey, and then the BoTW theme and the Zelda theme.
2. Splatoon medley? idk do you guys still want it
3. ARMS is awesome! Can't beat Hedlok tho... if you have it, let me know who your main is. I've got Ribbon Girl down real well.
4. YES I KNOW ABOUT THE TWO NEW METROID GAMES!!! But can we get Animal Crossing Switch pretty please thx
Bye everyone!

Nintendo Switch arms nintendo zelda the legend of zelda breath of the wild super mario odyssey e3 metroidmckay nintendo switch medley

Pages 16
Duration 01:26
Measures 54
Key signature natural
Parts 12
Part names Percussion(3), Trumpet, Trombone, Guitar, Flute, Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet, Bass, Piano(2)
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License None (All rights reserved)
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please join the The Legend of Zelda BotW FANs
First off this is really great i love your scores! Also I am hoping that the next animal crossing game is good. my favorite was city folk (i kinda grew up with it)
For the Breath of the Wild part, I'd add piano. I'd would probably add some type of brass or woodwind too. It sounds great though!
I love that Zelda part but in the beginning it sounds a little weird with only the guitar and bells. You should add a piano and probably a clarinet
That's actually really good advice. Thank you!
This is really good. I know it's kinda old, but if you're still curious I main Mechanica (and am still playing ARMS, I really like it).
No, Change that. 1,000,000/10! Especially for Mario Oddysey!
I can't believe this is real. These are all my fav songs. 11/10.
great!! So cool to hear my three favorite songs from the Switch!!
I'm arranging a medley of my own and I need help switching from swing to straight. I would really appreciate it if somebody would help me out. I'm commenting on this score specifically because It's very popular so I'm likely to get a response, and it switches from swing to straight itself.
Good job with this! One question. How long have you had a Musescore account? Within 3 months, this score has gotten 57 favorites, and my score has been out for more without one favorite or comment. Is that because I don't have many followers, or because I don't have Musescore Pro to put it in the Spotlight, or is it more than that? I'm just looking for wisdom from an experienced Muscorer.
I dunno, might just be you, I'm working on a show piece for marching band based off the final boss of Okami. It's got a lot of work to go, but it seems to be getting okay attention for being out for about two weeks.
It might just depend on the material too. Metroid isn't anywhere near as quick to getting on favorite lists than Zelda, maybe Mario, or some popular shows.
Hey I can use this as a baseline midi for a remix? I'll leave credit on my YT channel and link you to it when it's done!
In future reference:

I'm back on who I main. I am officially a proud Mechanica main. It's much easier to charge up my arms when I'm floating all over the place, and with the electric revolver, I can stun them and get a free grab!
Those guys? Am I bad? I mean I'm the only Mechanica I ever see online so I really don't know
Im jk lol. They stereo type is that kid cobra and DVA mains are cheap
OOHHHHHH Righttt. People compare Mechanica to DVA, but I really don't see the resemblance. I say she looks more like Tron Bonne, who I learned about because of someone comparing the two.
Do you count on buying spla2n?
Me too! Can i get your friend code?