The Video Game Music Counterpoint

Uploaded on Sep 17, 2017

Hey everyone! Finally finished my counterpoint! Few things:
1.Update! More songs.
2. This song features a musical style called counterpoint! Basically it's where two or more melodies with the same harmonies are played together. Google it if you need to!
3. Splatoon Medley is coming together nicely! I need you guys to tell me the names of the most popular and iconic songs throughout the two games so I can put 'em in the song.
4. Surprisingly, I haven't picked up Samus Returns yet! Let me know if you're getting it, and if you have it, tell me what you think!
5. Did you see the Nintendo Direct on September 13th? Let me know what you thought. I'm so excited for DOOM on the Switch!!!
6. Give me suggestions for my 1,000 follower special! Email me!
Love you guys! Enjoy

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Pages 42
Duration 03:14
Measures 116
Key signature natural
Parts 3
Part names Piano(3)
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