Jump Up, Super Star! - Super Mario Odyssey - Dedicated to my 1000+ followers

Uploaded on Nov 22, 2017

Hey everyone! This is probably my best, loudest, catchiest arrangement yet, and it's all thanks to you guys. I never would have though that 1000 people would like my music. It fills my heart with love and humility. Here's to the future!
1. If you don't like Super Mario Odyssey, you're either dead or you haven't played it. It's in my opinion the best Mario game out there.
2. Headphones recommended on this song!
3. Got DOOM, Skyrim and Rocket League on Switch! Very very impressive, solid good ports. If you wanna fight demons, dragons or other players on the can, these are good games for that, ha ha.
4. Life is getting busy! Real busy! I'm a senior right now with my own business, and life just gets a little hectic. I'm not going anywhere, just don't panic if there isn't a new score in a while.
5. If you asked me for a request and I said yes, don't expect that for a while. Sorry, but I'm just busy. Read number 4 if ya need a reason.

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Pages 32
Duration 02:28
Measures 126
Key signature natural
Parts 7
Part names Clarinet, Piano, Bass, Percussion(2), Trumpet, Tenor Saxophone
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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