Blue Devils 2017 - Metamorph Full Score [READ DESCRIPTION!]

For Drum Corps

Uploaded on Sep 20, 2017


Sep 22, 2017: Added brass
Sep 26, 2017: Added battery, drum set and some cymbals on the front ensemble.
Sep 27, 2017: Added a little bit of ballad.
Oct 3, 2017: Fixed some wrong brass parts and cymbals of front ensemble for opener, added brass for more ballad part.
Oct 4, 2017: Finished the pit for the ballad.
Dec 8, 2017: Added a little bit of part 3.
Dec 9, 2017: Added Trumpet Feature and some front ensemble.
Feb 28, 2018: Finished brass and front ensemble except drum set, fixed some vibraphone parts.
Jun 16, 2018: Fixed details of front ensemble in part 1.
Jun 17, 2018: Fixed details of front ensemble in part 2.
Jun 17, 2018: Fixed details of front ensemble in part 3.
Jun 18, 2018: Finished the drum set of the ballad.
Jun 22, 2018: Added one more synthesizer. Updated battery, great thanks to legoj14 for providing battery music. Also I fixed the rhythm of "a dotted 8th note + a 16th note" to "a quarter note + an 8th note all in a triplet". I had some tenor problems so I just updated snare and bass, the tenor notes jumped to other lines after I copied it and some notes had no sound.
Jun 23, 2018: The tenor drum has been updated, the problem of notes jumping to other line has been fixed, however some toms still have no sound. The snare feature length has been found not matching the length provided in the score, so I haven't update the snare feature yet.
Jul 1, 2018: Finished drum set, changed a bit of synthesizer and battery.
Jun 2, 2018: Added details of drum set and fixed snare feature.

It is almost complete!
Just need the battery for the ending.
I will keep updating this score until it's complete.

Please ask me before you do anything to my score.

Credit to legoj14 for battery.

Blue Devils Metamorph DCI Drum Corps International

Pages 76
Duration 11:52
Measures 440
Key signature 5 flats
Parts 21
Part names Trumpet(2), French Horn, Tuba(2), Trombone, Percussion(13), Synthesizer, Strings
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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