My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Theme song (My Very Best Friends)


About this sheet music

I thought I would try my hand this. This happens to be my first upload on

NOTE: I based most of the notes and instruments from sheet music already made by the members of Their website states "Please feel free to print things out. We would also appreciate attribution if you use our work on the web." Again, I give most credit to the members of for their amazing sheet music that allowed me to make this so quickly and accurately. Thank you guys so much! Of course, I must also give credit to Daniel Ingram, the original composer of this song. Great job!

I give everyone permission to use this song as they please, so long as it does not hurt me or my reputation, intentionally or accidentally (if so, it must be removed fully and wholly), and as long as they give me, hookonsonic2, and the members of, full credit.

Enjoy the song everyone.

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T-Hunter41's picture

What is the instrument key this is in. I'm trying to learn the piano part on bagpipes, hard but the only only song my friend will allow me to play over skype. If any help bagpipes are in the key of Bb

Dimondium's picture

In concert key, it's D, so on the bagpipes, you'll have to play it in E to have it sound the same. Just move it up a step and add 2 sharps. :3

IAmLlamaMan's picture

Good luck cederta and I hope your student feels better!

cedertra's picture

Hi! I thought you might like to know a good story of how your orchestration is going to be used. I'm a middle school band director, and one of my students is in a hospital in intensive care, and he's a very big fan of "My Little Pony" (kind of unusual for a 7th grade boy, but it's true). His classmates asked if we could find music for the theme song that they could play in band and record it and send it to him so he can watch it when his condition improves enough. I transposed your arrangement to Eb, gave the vocal parts to various instruments, and the bass guitar part to the low brass and woodwinds, and kept the percussion parts the same. We're going to record it next week, and send the video along with a card that they'll all sign, which will say something about friendship being magic. :-) The students are really excited and feel really good about doing something that will brighten his day.

Amythistfire's picture

Unusual for a 7th grade boy? Not really. I am a 9th grade boy, and I have tons of friends who are also bronies, fans of the show. Google search "bronies" and you will see tons of results of the fandom.
I wish him the bast of luck.

higharchon's picture

bast of luck........ Egyptian cat goddess? anyways im in 8th grade and its no problem being a brony

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Uploaded Aug 25, 2011
Pages 9
Duration 0:30
Measures 26
Key signature natural
Parts 8
Part names
  • Piano
  • Voice (2)
  • Percussion (4)
  • Bass
License Attribution, Noncommercial
Privacy  Everyone can see this score

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