Indoor Perucussion Show (Help!)

For Percussion Ensembles

Uploaded on Aug 12, 2019

Help! follows an adolescent through his or her story of trying to open up to the world but without avail. The show begins with negative thoughts in the teen's head, which the teen attempts to talk out with other people, but without success. Eventually these thoughts build up, and the adolescent explodes with anxiety and insecurity. After letting these thoughts take over the mind, the teen dances with these thoughts and embraces them. Just as he/she is about to end it all, the child's parents come along and embrace him, and listen to the child, with a call to action on mental health and suicide are made simultaneously.

Mozart's Requiem (Dies Irae)
An originally composed ballad.
Imagine by John Lenon

If anybody has any interest in using this work as a base for an indoor drumline or winds show, please shoot me an email at, for FREE (I only believe you would only need a license for Imagine, Mozart's Requiem is public domain, and the ballad is an original composition from myself). I appreciate compositional feedback as well!

WGI DCI Indoor Percussion Drumline Indoor Drumline Marching Band Marching Percussion

Pages 84
Duration 06:06
Measures 247
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 12
Part names Percussion(9), Piano, Bass, Trumpet
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Attribution
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