Uploaded on May 5, 2018

Something that might be turned into a larger whole. We'll see.

piano miniature piano miniature

Pages 1
Duration 00:28
Measures 18
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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License None (All rights reserved)
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I could hear this orchestrated out and more developed as a sort of 'Rhapsody for Orchestra.' It gives off a very symphonic-vibe, and I always love hearing when you fully orchestrate something!
Thanks, Isaac. I'm not sure that I will get around to working on this again. The three-chord motif became the driver of the last movement of my string quartet. Maybe that will do?
I did really enjoy that movement. It was a very high-quality quartet. The moving parts were very complex.
Nice Piece of music.
Why are the arpeggios not visible?
Thanks. For those chords which are too large to be played under one hand, I decided the sign was unnecessary to be shown as the only way to play the relevant chords (for most people) is in arpeggiated fashion.
Cool, nice balance of some experimental elements while still having a sense of cohesion and focus. I like that degree of balance of experimentation and graspable structure. Would be cool to hear the ideas developed out more!
I might, yet, do something with these ideas.
Wallander just updated Noteperformer into version 3. Will you re-render the audio of some of your works into the new version? Thanks.
It depends - I hope the strings have been improved, especially the solo instruments.
Heh, a substantial amount of flats. Maybe you could've changed the beginning stave flats to the C minor key to wipe out most of the accidentals.
To me, a bit dissonant by moments, but overall it's a very well composed miniature. Gratz Mark Vendy.
The question is, always: "does the dissonance work?" I might have added a key signature but only after I had 'completed' the score. I wasn't certain where it was heading.
It fulfils 'the brief' perfectly.
I believe you should add on to this! It could go in a very interesting direction. I envision this orchestrated out as a woodwind quartet and being a few minutes long
Thanks, Zach. Maybe. (I've responded to your email.)
Nice juxtaposition! Thanks, Tuukka.
The work is not really conceived as a piano piece. I was making some 'notes' for a more substantial piece with a different performing ensemble in mind. However, those people with smaller hands will need to 'gliss/appegiate' a few more of those right hand chords than I've indicated with the sound file.
Yesss! More! It is a peaceful and exciting beginning at the same time. More !!!!!
Thanks, very much, Peter. The larger work will be for ensemble.