Believer - Imagine Dragons

Uploaded on Mar 1, 2017

Pages 5
Duration 03:12
Measures 100
Key signature 5 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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dude, i got 100 $ for a bet for playing this XD
This is really cool and great fun to learn, I'll be playing this at my school recital :))
this is the apitome of awesomeness
So amazing! This was super duper fun to learn, and it looks harder than it is. One of my favorite songs in all of musescore!!
THIS IS AMAZING HOLY COW. I only have one problem lmao, it's that I've only been playing for four and a half years and on top of that my hands are pretty small (just because I'm quite young) so this may take me a while lol.
@potter what you can do is play a 3rd with F&A (sounds better with the tenth but still sounds nice if you do middle F & A) Furthermore, you can do the sixth (2nd space A and top line F)
I’m 13 and have been playing for 9 months. It took me three days of seeing this and I played it in front of my school
GeneTheMehEmoji Wow holy crap you've got some natural skills like dayummmm
@GeneTheMehEmoji As if you were a human being of greater worth than @PanicAtThePotter.
i have played this song and i love it (my friends also)
You have made my life complete.
Thiefofchuckles a 10th is an interval of 10 notes
Amazing composition. How ever, for the not as experienced players it might be easier if this piece was transposed in the key of C+.
just shows that you're not as experienced
It's where the right hand has two notes that are ten notes apart.
I honestly can't really play the tenth with my right hand alone, so I basically play the F natural with the left hand. It's a little tricky but you could get the hang of it. Or you could literally just play the octave A natural if you can reach an octave xD
...Did I make sense? I reread it and it doesn't make sense to me ;-; hope I helped though lol
On measure 8, there's a 10th. How can I find another way to play that 10th?
What I do is play the bottom note in the interval with my left hand.
You can also play the bottom note first, then play the top note immediately after, like an arpeggio. The sustain pedal will hold the notes.
My brother played piano for this and I made a drumset arrangement for this and it sounded pretty awesome
and you should do whatever it takes
would i be able to use this and at it to a rock band arrangement
At measure 25 you could have done way better unless you just copied this from Tutorials By Hugo