File Select (Gravity Guy)

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Another Song for the Gravity Guy Soundtrack. It's simple, but I think the song completes it's purposel--that is, for the gamer to press the "File 1" button. I've had this written up for months now. I should really upload all of the songs I have written.

Beauty Waltz

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I've had this song written for a while. I just never bothered to upload it onto MuseScore. I'll upload a video score as soon as I learn it on the piano. Let me know if you like it! :)

The Deep Sea (Hey, I ended up winning! :D)

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This song starts by describing a tall and dark vacant fortress floating in the deep blue water. Yeah, I know that sounds EXACTLTY LIKE BUOY BASE from Mario Galaxy. That's what I modeled it after. :P
Later (in the B theme), we don't focus on the Buoy Base fortress. We move a little ways away, where the water is more calm. Sea creatures swim happily under the water. Above the water, we see the sun burning in the sky, and we see a small beach in the distance.
Finally (in the C theme--actually still part of the B theme, but whatever), we finally sink under water. We see many sea creatures up close, all doing there own things.


This song is for the Themed Based Composition Competition (

First of all, this song is a WIP (Work-In-Progress), so I haven't finished it (as I'm sure you've noticed). I also haven't added a lot of important things, like dynamics and accidentals. More will be on the way soon, hopefully.

A video score will be added eventually. That is when I complete the song and learn it on the piano (yes, all of this is playable).

OK, so now, if you'd like to help me out, here's how you can vote. Please, in your comment, leave a description of what you see in your mind, based on what you hear. As I understand, the contestent who has a user describing his/her song so that the description is like what that contestent had in mind, is the winner. Sorry, that was really poorly phrased. :/

Anyway, I'm really glad you read through all of that. Leave a comment! :)



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This song was written as a Christmas gift to my sister. This was the only song I was able to finish before Christmas, but whatever. BTW, I crossed out her name on the sheet music (so that no personal info will be given).